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Back to School, Minus Peanuts & Gluten

When: 1893. Where: Chicago World Fair. What: Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich is introduced. A fancy delicacy up until sliced bread was invented a decade later...
Specialty Diets

Specialty Diets and Contamination

Heart palpitating, beads of invisible sweat dripping, “I’ll have the House Chop Salad please.” A small pause. Nerves. The loud silence from the rest of...
Core Supplements

3 Core Supplements to Add Power to ANY Diet

“And when do you take time out for yourself?” “Time out for myself?! Maybe after the kids are all in college, in 10 years.” I’m analyzing...
Gluten free

Gluten and Specialty Diets: Science and Solutions

Editor's Note: With consumers' increased interest in foods for sensitive diets, WholeFoods Magazine is debuting an online column about  Gluten and Specialty Diets: Science and Solutions, written...