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Supplier Briefs

Supplier Briefs: August 2016

Probi USA Inc. has acquired Nutraceutix of Redmond, WA, for $105 million. Tim Gamble, CEO of Nutraceutix, said in a press statement, “With highly...
Pharmachem Laboratories

Relaxation Drops

Pharmachem Laboratories offers a new alternative delivery system for its relaxation/stress support ingredient, Lactium. Lactium Honey Drops are individually wrapped, organic honey, hard-candies that...
Aker Biomarine

Krill Caps

Made with Flexitech technology, Aker BioMarine offers a krill oil concentrate called Superba Boost Caps. With more phospholipids and omega than the previous generation...

Functional Ingredient

BENEO has introduced Remypure, the company’s first high-performing native rice starch, which qualifies for natural and clean label status worldwide. Remypure offers high functionality...
National Enzyme


National Enzyme Co. now offers BioCore AminoTap. This combination ingredient includes proteolytic enzymes to help hydrolyze proteins often used in muscle-building protein products. Says...