Beauty Begins Within: Oral Health and the Microbiome

    The human microbiome consisting of the trillions of bacteria that reside in our GI tracts, on our skin and in our oral cavity, is a source of valuable insight into our health and vulnerability to developing certain disease conditions. As a result, the market for supplemental bacteria in the form of probiotics has continued to grow. According to the Global Probiotics Market Report from, the probiotics market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.7% from 2020 to 2027 to reach $76.7 billion by 2027 (1).

    It is now known that the immune benefits of the body’s protective microbiome don’t begin in the gut, but in the oral cavity, where pathogenic microbes most often enter the body. The oral cavity is home to as many different species of bacteria, if not more, than the gut; and these bacteria can form an extremely strong barrier against invaders, influencing the health, not only of the teeth and gums, but extending into the throat and ear canals (2).

    In the session “Oral Health and the Microbiome” at the Naturally Informed event Nutri-Beauty: Mastering the Market, Dr. Bonnie Feldman, founder of DrBonnie360, discussws the oral health trends we are seeing today and new research connecting the microbiome to various chronic and inflammatory diseases. Dr. Feldman is known for building bridges across the autoimmune abyss as an entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and digital health consultant. She consults with startup companies and entrepreneurs developing new products and services that will improve all aspects of care.

    Seen as a gateway to the rest of the body, the mouth is a constant battleground. The research on probiotics continues to expand as more and more information is uncovered about the positive functions that the human microbiome provides in supporting and maintaining human health.

    Updated: Dr. Bonnie’s talk detailing why the microbial balance is the most important aspect of maintaining good oral health is now available to view on demand at no charge. Dr. Bonnie provides best tips on how to maintain microbial balance by improving oral hygiene, adjusting diet, and trying out an oral probiotic. Get to know what to look out for in toothpaste, which foods are better or worse for your oral microbiome, and why a probiotic is beneficial for everyone.


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