Consumer Electronics Show Update: 7 Trends to Watch

    Can't attend all the virtual expos? Trendspotter Nancy Trent has you covered! Here's a sampling of the trends she spotted at the 2021 Virtual CES.

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    At the 2021 Virtual CES (Consumer Electronics Show), we met so many amazing and innovative brands that are making it easy for consumers to adapt to our new WFH. The trends coming out of the show are taking wellness to a new level with at-home, outdoor, and business-friendly technologies and platforms all promoting accessibility and high-quality performance.

    Going into 2021 with the pandemic continuing and some lockdowns still imposed, it’s more important than ever to showcase your brand and ideas at virtual shows like CES. Here are some of the top trends we saw emerging out of our meetings this year:

    Wellness, Made Easier

    Healthcare has been a main topic of conversation, increasingly taking center stage over the last year and focusing on how consumers can have easier access to basic care. Launching a need for easy and at-home healthcare programs and devices, the brands at CES didn’t disappoint with new technologies that fit right into the homes of many. A few standouts: is a new technology that has just launched this winter, allowing users to virtually monitor their vitals. It has been designed to directly align with the COVID-19 pandemic, giving customers access to track their own health and nutrition. The app makes healthcare more accessible for all, and it is easy to use!

    Basis Health is a bio-wearable system that provides real-time feedback on your health. Structured toward prevention, Basis Health is designed to give customers real-time data on every action of the day, including telling you how a meal has affected your health. The app links through Apple Health and has health coaches that lead customers through sessions each month!

    Lify Wellness, dubbed the world’s first Smart Wellness Remedy System, was created with the vision to make a healthier lifestyle easily accessible for everyone. Lify offers personalized wellness solutions by reinventing traditional medicinal wisdom with sustainable technology. This year, the focus is on energy, and with people staying at home, the desire for a quality, health-focused brew or tea is climbing. With the help of creating new formulas and monitoring brew usage, Lify Wellness allows customers to find their wellness solution in a cup of freshly brewed wellness tea.

    MoviWear is a device that monitors and records vital signs in real time so patients or seniors can be monitored by caregivers or staff remotely. The device, a readily wearable watch, send alerts to caregivers via the MoviWear APP platform when there are any changes in vital signs. There are three buttons on the watch–a dialer for calls, one for three emergency contacts, and if you press and hold the SOS button, it will dial an emergency contact. MoviWear is partnered with medical path companies and is a great way to remotely monitor vital signs.

    AXIR Engine is the world’s first AI-powered disease risk engine and is designed for early cancer detection. The company says it can predict user risks for developing severe COVID-19 cases and other diseases while providing users with an individualized health program. AXIR Engine takes biometric screening data and produces a heat map to dynamically analyze and predict disease risk, precision health, and recommend food and supplements best suited for the user’s personalized program.

    LED and light therapies have been leading the way to solution-based technology in the world of wellness. This trend has been around and looks like it is going to stick for all those who can benefit from light-based solutions to everything from allergies to skin and hair care. FluoLabs is designing a new way to treat allergy symptoms. Users can hold the rechargeable device to their nostrils, click a button to activate six seconds of light therapy, and repeat on the other side for a total 12-second treatment to common allergy symptoms. FluoLabs will be available for purchase in 2021 for all who suffer from allergy season.

    DemakrQ is a Dutch, disruptive, high-tech skin care brand designed for Gen-Z that uses light therapy to fight acne scarring. Utilizing violet light therapy, DemarkQ has multiple treatments for acne scarring, including a red light technology that works to heal cells and a blue light that helps kill bacteria. There are three products available; POP is the size of an iPhone for zone distribution, WOW is the largest for full-face treatment. DemarkQ produces dermatologist-like treatments in the comfort of your own home for three to six minutes a day.

    IL Science’s FOLLINIC is designed to rejuvenate the scalp with the dual effect of microcurrent and 4-wavelength LEDs. This helmet-like device uniformly delivers  LED wavelength to the scalp with a silicone lens that is the core material of IL Science. FOLLINIC is adjustable and allows users to do everything when you wear it (except for showering) including vacuuming, reading, and so much more.

    Tech On-the-Go

    While every minute matters, brands are coming up with ways to make your time count with on-the-go tech products that are easily accessible and easy to use. Take your favorite and much-needed devices with you wherever you go. These brands are making it easy to stay connected:

    Nomadplug is the durable single solution adapter designed to be so compact that users won’t need to unpack it at all! The nomadplug allows users to plug in anywhere and works in 195 countries. All components are magnetic, giving users peace of mind that they won’t be losing any parts and will be able to effectively charge their tech wherever they are.

    Developed by Taiwanese consumer electronic brand LUFTQI, the LUFT Duo is unlike traditional purifiers in that it’s portable, doesn’t require expensive filter replacements, and uses UVA LED and photocatalytic tech to zap dust, pollen, mold, and pathogens down to the molecule. This air purifier decreases organic vapor, and helps break down cell walls for viruses and pollen to stop the immune system trigger. Luft Duo is a great gadget for those with allergies or asthma, and is useful for in the car and during sleep.

    Smarter Security

    In a world that is quickly adapting to a mainly digital way of communicating, smart security has never been more essential. Emerging brands brought security programs and devices that fit effortlessly into consumer homes as well as businesses. It’s important to know all the ways you can protect yourself and your customers. See some of the brands that really made an impact on their category:

    X-Sensor is a network system to detect security devices in retail, restaurants, and hotel chains; the company says it can detect shoplifters or violence. The system is designed to scan the face of any individual who breaches security, and it will alert the establishment if that individual returns or will notify other establishments of shoplifters and violence within the app. X-Sensor pairs with user’s phone and displays a dashboard for ready use.

    Zolder.App, a mobile-first platform, continuously checks configuration for improvements, detects malicious behavior, provides the latest relevant news through the app, and offers 24/7 help with world-class cybersecurity experts.

    Protect your packages from porch pirates with a simple clip. Package Clipper allows your delivery person to clip your packages once delivered, incentivized by an optional tip, and your packages are safely protected until you are ready to retrieve them. Utilizing an app for user phones, Package Clipper notifies users when their packages arrive, gives users the option to tip the driver, and when clip gets removed or even simply moved, an alarm will sound. Users can easily deactivate this alarm, serving as a way to ward off porch pirates and keep your packages safe.

    SelfSafe is a password-protected USB emergency identification waterproof bracelet that stores all important information including medical, financial, insurance, travel documents, personal identification, and more. This all-in-one device will help make sure users have everything they need in a secure yet accessible design no matter what life throws at them.

    Handy Tools in the Age of COVID-19

    While the global pandemic has been devastating on so many fronts, some companies were able to pivot and shift their focus to come out with products and devices to help us live in a safer and cleaner world:

    MaskFone is a groundbreaking true wireless headphone and mask all in one. It brings together Hubble Connected’s patented technology including a built-in microphone with a medical grade N95 filter to streamline a new way of life. Made with a mesh fabric mask with a secure fit, MaskFone comes with Bluetooth headphones, adjustable ear straps, an earpiece that hangs down, and a microphone inside of the mask to create a much clearer voice. Inside the mask, you can add a filter, adjust the pitch of your voice on the bridge of the mask, and utilize a play and volume button on the chin. MaskFone is designed to make communication easy with our new way of life.

    GateDoc’s Smart Temperature Scanner is a smart, automated, and touchless body temperature scanner. This temperature scanner is a safe and easy way to detect a rise in temperatures, signaling to establishments with a sound and red light when detected. GateDoc Smart Temperature Scanner is the perfect solution that allows entrepreneurs and facility managers to focus on running their businesses and eliminates the burden of manually executing temperature checks.

    Smart Sanitizer is making it easier for establishments to have sanitizing machines by providing advertisement space with their LED screen and app. Businesses during COVID are looking to create safe and sanitized environments for staff and customers, but the price to buy and maintain sanitization stations has skyrocketed. Smart Sanitizer gives businesses incentives to use their product by creating a space for vendors to run 15-second ads on their machines, increasing revenue.

     Working Smarter Not Harder

    New platforms and devices help decrease the time you spend on small projects or tasks so you can be more efficient. These brands are paving the way to innovative thinking when it comes to large and small tasks:

    SwipeGuide has made it effortless for companies to create, share, and track visual step-by-step instructions by digitizing manuals. SwipeGuide is designed to reduce errors and machine downtime, allowing for operational efficiency and changeover time reductions. Digitized manuals can be shared through QR codes, making manufacturing and operating so simple!

    Typewise is keeping up with the times and adapting how we type using our smart phones and devices by predicting the way users input information into their devices, combining smart autocorrection and text predictions. Utilizing a hexagonal key shape that is 70% wider, typing can be faster and more comfortable as well as more accurate with fewer typos. Typewise becomes faster and more intuitive over time, predicting what text is intended with full data privacy.

    Dialogue Trainer has developed an online communication “flight simulator” that enables organizations to train professionals on demand in important skills and roles. This allows trainers, users, and managers to gain insight into performance and communication. This platform simulates conversations, engages in role play as a professional, and develops interaction with virtual characters. Dialogue Trainer is perfect for creating consistent communication among a business.

    Y-Brush has developed a way to reduce the amount of time you spend brushing your teeth from two minutes to 10 seconds. With this mouth guard-like product, consumers will be able to brush all of their teeth at once with soft bristles on the inside of the mouth guard in five seconds for the top and bottom rows of teeth. When the Y-Brush is in the user’s mouth, all they have to do is bite down and flip it, rinse, and add toothpaste for each brushing period.

    Upgrading Your Home (and Business, Too!)

    While the world has been staying home for the past year or so, everyone is looking for ways to upgrade their home to make it more comfortable, luxurious, and enjoyable. These companies bring something to the table to make your home a destination:

    ColdSnap is a rapid freezing appliance that produces single servings of ice cream, smoothies, and frozen cocktails in 90 seconds. With a single-serve pod-based system, ColdSnap gives customers a quick and easy way to make ice cream, smoothies, cocktails, coffee and more conveniently in their own home by providing liquid ingredients and pasteurized medically sealed pods. ColdSnap will be available for full commercial purchase in early 2022.

    TOTO’s Washlet is the cleaner, safer, and more refreshed toilet paper alternative, giving consumers the washing stream they need for after-use bathroom usage, a dryer and deodorizer all in one! Washlet keeps consumers feeling clean and hygienic after every bathroom trip, with a spray in the front for women and a spray in the back for men and women. This heated seat bidet helps keep you clean, safe, and paperless in your own home.

    DEN Smart Home is unlike other Smart Home devices, using a strike blade, a flat piece of iron, that is built into the door post instead of the lock itself to create optimal security. Users will be able to access DEN Smart Home through an app where they can unlock the smart lock and then open the actual door. DEN Smart Home is effective for all home in safety features.

    Wearable Tech

    Wearable tech has long been a trend, but these new devices and platforms give you the ease and peace of mind during work, gym sessions, more! Check out the brands taking wearable tech to the next level:

    Cleer Audio is seeking to perfect the noise-canceling wireless ear bud through the significance of sound quality and award-winning design. With several models, Cleer Audio is designed to last longer, be more lightweight, and deliver a functional design to noise-canceling devices. Cleer Audio utilizes companion apps to get consumers fully engaged and in control of their custom sound.

    Find My Glasses has eliminated the question, “Where are my glasses?” through their tracking technology. Find My Glasses attaches to user’s current specs with an adhesive strip and is associated with a free app that works with iPhone and Android to find missing glasses faster and easier. Find My Glasses makes it so you never have to search blindly for your glasses again.

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