Consumer Trust: Let’s Get it Back!

We are consistently hearing how the consumer trust level continues to decline within the supplement category. With the hyper-focus on label claims, it’s not surprising to find supplements labels with lesser claims or sometimes none at all. In the past, the focus was simply to make the highest quality health supplements available. This is no longer the world we live in.

So the question that presents itself is how do we, as manufacturers, help you the retailer rebuild trust with your customers?

I currently see keywords being thrown out like “transparency” and “truth in labeling.” Yes, these are all good things that should help build trust, but what would happen if we start talking with consumers, not at them? Topics about product befits are great, but let’s go beyond the products on the shelves and actually show the customers that we care about them, focus on teaching them how to live a healthy lifestyle and build trust. You’re probably thinking that’s great and all but…where do you start?

3 Steps to Go

  1. Lock Down your Topics that Matter Most to Your Customers
    1. Nutrition/Supplements
    2. Fitness
    3. Active Living
    4. Cooking
  2. Create Tools to Start the Conversation,  both In-store (Signage to Classes) and On-Line (Websites to Social Media)
    1. Video Content
    2. Blogs
    3. Healthy Living Hacks/Tips
  3. Be Consistent
    1. It’s important that when you start a program like this you don’t disappear on them


The 1, 2, 3 steps make it look simple, but we all know this takes a lot of time and resources. You have a store to run, employees to manage and shelves to fill. Who has the time to turn this concept into reality? Where is the content going to come from? At Olympian Labs, we believe this is where we can help.

Olympian Labs has formed a Healthy Living Team of fitness, nutrition, strength and healthy living coaches who engage with consumers through weekly videos and blogs. Their primary focus is not on “take your Vitamin C”; they offer guidance on how to live a healthy lifestyle through fitness, diet and general life coaching. When it comes to talking about supplements, they are woven into the content as a secondary message so it doesn’t sound like an “ad.” A few of their recent posts include conditioning drills, talk about the benefits of Chia seeds and apple cider vinegar, and relaying the importance of having workout partners.

For the past year Olympian Labs has built an extensive library of content and has begun partnering with retailers to use the content on their own websites and social media channels. This gives retailers the extra tools they need to start the conversation and build back the consumer trust, without investing the time, money and the effort it takes to build/acquire content on their own.

Olympian Labs believes stronger consumer engagement like this provides the direction consumers need to achieve their goals, helps them become educated on how to live a healthy lifestyle, and creates a trusting bond that locks in the consumer loyalty we all cherish. When you reach this state of mind with your customers, it helps quiet the confusion and fear the news media creates regarding supplements. They will come to you and ask for the truth and, like a trusting friend, you are there to help them understand and educate them on products.

Our new message is simple. Olympian Labs is “Helping to Build a Better You,” while providing the quality supplements to support your Healthy Living Goals.

This approach marks the beginning of a new era at Olympian Labs. We’re committed to the overall experience, for our customers, our employees, and for our retail partners.


Stacy Dill is the director of marketing at Olympian Labs, Inc.


Posted on WholeFoods Magazine Online, 10/19/15