Consumers Turn to Supplements for Improving Brain & Mental Health as They Age

Today’s aging population is taking preventative measures to maintain a youthful existence, with a large focus on brain and mental health. This trend is particularly underscored by the rising popularity of mental complex supplements, or multi-ingredient products that target brain health and emphasize the benefits of improving brain function, focus, concentration, memory, and more.

To better understand consumer preferences for mental complex supplements, ClearCut Analytics analyzed their performance over the past 24 months on Amazon, where trends often emerge well before reaching Food/Drug/Mass (FDM). Read on to discover our findings for the subcategory.

Mental Complex Supplements Grew by 58% YoY Online

As of July 2021, mental complex supplements experienced a 58% year-over-year (YoY) growth rate on Amazon. Sales have been steadily increasing for these supplements from August 2019 to March 2021. Following March 2021, sales have leveled off and are holding steady month-over-month (MoM). It’s also worthwhile to note that the average price for mental complex supplements increased by 11% YoY and currently $30.56.

Mental Complex Supplements: Sales on Amazon ($)

Capsules Are the Dominant Delivery Form

Mental complex supplements come in in several different delivery forms on Amazon. The most notable however is capsules, which holds 71% market share and is growing at a rate of 67% YoY, which is faster than the overall subcategory. Additionally, while chewables hold a much smaller share of the market, or 2%, they are growing at the fastest rate, or 185% YoY.

Mental Complex Supplements: Top Delivery Forms

The Top Brands May Face More Competition

The top five mental complex supplement brands on Amazon include Prevagan, The Genius Brand, ONNIT, Neuriva, and Bulletproof. 47 brands in this subcategory are also each generating over $1MM in annual revenue on the marketplace. Additionally, it seems that there is opportunity for more competition. For example, four of the 10 top brands are growing significantly slower than the overall category, which suggests that there is room for brands to enter, compete, and move up in the ranks online.

It is further important to analyze the best-selling products on Amazon within the subcategory (see the chart below). It’s not surprising that most of the top brands today are selling the most popular products and offering them in capsule form. Given the aforementioned trends to watch, however, this may change and is something to watch.

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