ECRM Deli, Bakery & More: 9 Trends to Watch

    Can't attend all the virtual expos? Trendspotter Nancy Trent has you covered! Here's a sampling of the trends she spotted at the ECRM Frozen Foods; Store Brand; and Deli, Dairy & Bakery program.

    As the world slowly gets back to normal, so do our food shelves. ECRM hosted a Frozen Foods; Store Brand; and Deli, Dairy and Bakery program for companies within those categories to meet and present new and innovative products to buyers across all retail channels.

    “We were thrilled with the turnout of our recent Deli, Dairy and Bakery Program,” said Sarah Davidson, SVP of Food and Beverage with ECRM. “The pandemic has pushed brands and retailers to be more innovative than ever, so the one-on-one meetings were exciting and full of opportunities. The prepared foods category was the standout this week playing into the convenience and grab-and-go trends buyers are looking for. We also saw a lot of functional and healthy refrigerated foods play a big role this week, which is another megatrend not going away anytime soon.”

    A lot of brands are stepping up the healthy options they offer by incorporating fun packaging and exciting flavors.

    Here are the tops trends identified during the program.

    Decorated Cookies: An Everyday Affair

    DecoCookies, the experts in hand-decorated cookies, are always introducing new categories and creative designs, pioneering their own cookie universe, spreading smiles and happiness to everyone who shares them. The newest “Paint Your Own” Cookie Kits are the latest innovation in the “every day” decorated cookie movement, spearheaded by DecoCookies, which was started with love and for fun by Eliana Compos Berry. DecoCookies remain 100% hand-cut and hand-decorated with real butter, never palm oil or margarine, and adored by all for every day and seasonal celebrations and occasions.

    Upcycled Foods

    From a local farmer’s market to a national brand that has rescued over 350,000 pounds of bacon, TBJ Gourmet brings us spreadable bacon, finally, in the form of bacon jam. Not only are they creating the category, but they are also the leaders in it by using upcycled bacon ends and pieces as the number one ingredient. Their bacon jam is the ultimate burger topper, an amazing addition to your deli sandwich and the perfect part of your charcuterie plate. There is a jam for everything, and the possibilities are endless.

    Organic Avocado Everything

    Alejandrina Avocados has a 50-year heritage providing authentic, top-quality fresh and frozen avocados and avocado products from Mexico around the world. They are the leading brand of organic avocados in Mexico, Europe and the Middle East and pride themselves on both taste and quality in all of their products. They combine traditional methods with first world technology to make their guacamole with the freshness and flavor of homemade. Their mission is to grow, process and commercialize avocado and avocado products under the highest industry standards with hard work and professionalism.

    Simply Delicious Crunchy Snacks

    Venus Wafters offers a variety of delicious, all-natural crackers and flatbreads under the Mariner and Capeachio’s brands. The company was founded nearly 100 years ago by a diamond cutter with a passion for well-made, nutritious foods, who was inspired to make a 100% Whole Wheat Cracker, packaged in a simple brown box. They have now expanded to 20 varieties that are kosher, vegan, organic, and non-GMO to satisfy the needs of every consumer, while always making sure to keep the family tradition of quality and fair trading alive.

    Internationally Inspired Treats

    Swiss Rösti is the first and only filled potato on the market today. Founder Stephen Caldwell fell in love with Rösti in his travels and knew he had to bring this yummy Swiss tradition back home. From your first bite of the crispy wrapper to the center fillings bursting with warm delicious flavors, you’ll know you’re experiencing a place you’ve never been and the best thing you ever tasted. They are certified gluten free, clean label and vegetarian with plant-based flavors launching this year.

    Allergen Friendly Bakery

    With so many people suffering from nut and gluten allergies and intolerances, it is hard to find bakery items to serve everyones needs. Gem City Fine Foods is a dedicated gluten-free and nut-free bakery that offers ready-to-serve products made in the USA with clean ingredients while still being delicious. They are allergen friendly, allowing you to bring their desserts to schools, parties and more without anxiety and fear. Their safe cakes use better-for-you ingredients to create decadent, great-tasting desserts.

    Frozen That’s Fresher Than Fresh

    Lamex Foods introduced a new frozen concept with patented technology that does not hurt the cell structure of the fruits keeping the fiber untouched and unbroken. This technology provides a superior product that has been proven to work very well in Retail, QSR and foodservice settings where organizations are trying to provide consumers with fresh quality and healthier options.

    Stuffed Southern Comfort

    Sweet Mae’s Cookie Co. is a premium fun stuffed cookie line with a Southern accent. Founder Tiffany Biddle grew up in a family that loved to bake and cook as a way to bring people together, which is what inspired her to start this company. What sets this brand apart is their delicious homemade cookies that are all made with brown butter dough and stuffed with fillings such as cookie batter. It is a unique but simple concept that people love.

    The Perfect Board

    Noel Alimentaria USA Inc is a family-owned business specializing in authentic charcuterie products from Spain like, Bellota and Serrano cured hams, chorizo and salami sausages. They are always adapting and innovating new products. For example, they combined charcuterie products with ingredients like cheese, olives or bread, and they were one of the first companies in Spain to launch a preservatives-free Serrano Ham. Being the biggest exporter of these products in Spain, exporting to 60 countries worldwide, they are known for their great product quality.

    ECRM is constantly hosting virtual programs that give brands the chance to connect and collaborate with like-minded creators as well as retail buyers. Including innovative brands and showcasing their skills and products is a great way to build a community and spread recognition and awareness.