ECRM Top Beauty Trends of the Year (Part 1)

    This year ECRM hosted their virtual skin care, bath, cosmetics, and natural beauty program. We explored new trends with the brands that are revolutionizing the industry with their innovative products in natural and organic skin care and cosmetics.

    Twinlab Consolidation Corporation, established in 1968, is an industry-focused health and wellness company committed to developing top brands, including Reserveage Nutrition premium nutritional and anti-aging/wellness supplements. This brand is the intersection of beauty and wellness, and centers on three emerging categories: Collagen, Keratin, and Resveratrol. Their products are designed to work with and kickstart the natural processes of the body, so women can look and feel their best every day. They are launching a new line called Pro-Collagen Booster Skincare that completes the inner and outer beauty story and will create a halo effect with their supplement portfolio. Reserveage also offers a keratin with biotin for both men and women.

    Jean Pierre specializes in beauty and personal care products while Almar Sales is an international consumer products company that designs, manufactures, and distributes top quality cosmetics and skin care as well as fashionable accessories, jewelry, and novelty items, to retailers around the globe. One of their natural and organic skin care brands is Blum Naturals. This line includes cleansing wipes, face creams, oil blotting sheets, eye makeup remover, baby shampoo, baby lotion, baby bubble bath and baby wipes. Jean Pierre Cosmetics’ ingredients include rare flowers, herbs, and natural plant extracts. All formulations are PH balanced, hypo allergenic & alcohol free. As a growing force within the cosmetics and skin care business, they are on the cutting edge of innovative beauty trends and curate their collections to reflect the various aesthetics of their branded and private labels.

    Vital’s International Group creates and manufactures natural products in hair care and skin care, made with mostly organic ingredients that work. They developed the formulations for their trademarked brand Pura d’or in 2012, the year the business started. The hero shampoo and Argan Oil items became top 100 beauty items on amazon SKU in 2012 and remained so through 2015. In 2015, the company received the Amazon Beauty Vendor of the Year Award. Their other products include an 11 SKU skin care line of Oils and 20% Vitamin C Serum. The Oils are all Certified Organic. They include Argan Oil, Rosehips Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Tamanu Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rose Water Toner, Sweet Almond Oil, and Fractionated Coconut Oil. The company is environmentally conscious, and a certified Minority owned business.

    Barber and Brand LLC: Dr. Tusk produces a plant-based line of personal care products, plus aims to help save the world’s elephants. 5% of profits are donated to Wildlife SOS in India, The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee and Save the Elephants in Kenya. Some of the plant-based core women’s and men’s daily-use products include shampoo, body wash, shaving cream, soap and deodorant. What makes these products on-trend are the natural hemp, caffeine and dragon’s blood formulas. The products also have unique natural fragrances like Siberian Cedarwood, Burmese Sandalwood, and Tundra Tea Tree. There is even a baby and kids line, called Little Tuskers, that includes shampoo, bubble bath, lotion and balms. Also, the new wave in 2021 is reishi and chaga mushroom extract shampoos, along with an apple cider vinegar hair preservation system.

    CosMyFy is based on innovation, offering the possibility for influencers to create their own makeup lines. They launched in Italy in November 2018. EVERYDAY FOR FUTURE is their skincare brand, with products that are 98% natural formula, vegan certified, sustainable packaging, everything wrapped in a fresh and attractive design. They customize products from scratch according to their clients’ specific needs, such as developing a vegan or gluten free formula or searching for specific ingredients related to the geographical area of the client. Their goal is to guarantee maximum performance with the least impact on the environment while enhancing the wellbeing of your skin.

    Naisture by Banzai Living Inc. is a natural line with nature-inspired ingredients such as plant, flower, or fruit extracts, and formulated without parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, and harsh sulfates. Inspired by an aesthetician background and “moisture” being the most important part of basic skincare, Naisture (Natural + Moisture) was born. They offer a variety of trial kits so you can customize various products according to your skin needs. They can create home spa care or self-care kits to offer diversity with added value to customize to specific retail price range. Their HERO product lines are Self-care Kits, 3 Step Skin Care, and Just in 15 Minute Sheet Masks.

    Next Frontier Brands is dedicated to bringing premier beverage and wellness products to consumers globally. Part of the Next Frontier Brands wellness portfolio is Dr. Denese and SkinScience, which provides everyday luxury with clinically proven anti-aging products for the FDM channel. All products are vegan and PETA-Certified Cruelty Free. Products include Hydroshield, Firming Facial, and Peptide Power.

    Snaproducts is a global beauty company specializing in the development and distribution of the latest beauty and personal care products. One of their products is Miss Spa Sculpt, a system of serums, medical-grade silicone patches, and innovative tools for face and body. Their formulations are vegan, gluten free, free from parabens and phthalates, and created without animal testing.

    Bella and Bear doesn’t believe in animal testing for the sake of beauty. Their mason jars come from recycled plastic and products include body scrubs, face masks, bath salts, hand cream & hand scrub, body butters, shave cream, shower jellies, and shampoo & conditioner.

    Duogreen, Inc: Avarelle acne cover patch is an all-natural cover patch with the key ingredient of Hyrdocolloid dressing, plus infused oil such as tea tree, calendula, rosehip seed oil, and Cica. The AM patch is discreet and the PM patch protects your face from pillow bacteria during the night.

    Onyx Distribution: Pure Daily Care is a health and beauty line that specializes in developing essential health and wellness products to integrate into your daily routine. Products include nano facial steamer, aromatherapy, body scrub, body shave, women electric shave and more.

    Portland Bee Balm products are available through KeHE and more, as well as direct. Real wooden labels, innovative wooden display cases, high-quality ingredients, and an excellent price point differentiates them. The wooden register displays help to create and utilize space in the most valuable part of the store (the front end), and their displays can be customized to fit your stores’ needs. Hand built, reusable, wooden display cases are provided free to all customers. Also, 1% for the Planet members, helping to support urban beekeeping. They have Oregon Mint lip balm, Unscented lip balm, Rose Garden lip balm, and Solar Eclipse lip balm. The ingredients are Pacific NW beeswax, organic cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil, organic California extra virgin olive oil, Oregon peppermint essential oil (mint only), rose absolute (rose only), and non-nano zinc oxide (solar eclipse only). Their lip balms can be found in thousands of stores across the country.

    Skin Research Group is a family company with a history of making natural-based skincare for over 50 years. Skin Chemists is their luxury anti-aging range, focused on revolutionary and unconventional ideas that go beyond ordinary skincare to combat and control skin ageing at its source. Dr. Botanicals is the indie beauty brand from London. Ethically made, never tested on animals, and always 100% vegan friendly. Their formulations harness nature’s goodness, energy, and vitamins. Their company’s mission is to make vegan skincare that will consistently deliver results. They are a completely inclusive brand; the products are non-gender biased and cater to all skin types. Not only are the products inclusive, so is the company. They are a proud LGBT and minority owned brand, celebrate diversity and support BLM, women’s empowerment and the LGBTQIA community.

    Wake Up to Beauty is a woman-owned company with a focus on anhydrous formulation. They are experts in creating natural products that follow certifications guidelines for PETA, Leaping Bunny, MadeSafe, and EWG. Their product & formula libraries focus on Bath Bombs, Candles, Shower Bombs, Body Scrubs, Bar Soaps, Shampoo Bars, Conditioner Bars, Bath Salts, Balms, Salves, Oils (Massage, Skin, Hair and Beard) and more! An anhydrous formula contains little to no water and allows the company to create self-preserving products. As a result, the products offer maximum efficacy and full concentration without synthetics or additives. Their in-house brand Level Naturals focuses on clean self care products for the bath body. 

    Private Label Skincare Florida has created cutting-edge formulations to hundreds of brands since 2011. By analyzing search trends in beauty, via web traffic and product searches as well as social media influence on various products and comparing those to product availability, the company is able to marry consumer demand with product voids. This company creates and produces premium naturally formulated clean and organic skin and hair care products that are cruelty-free and vegan. 

    Garcoa Inc. is a women-owned liquid product manufacturer specializing in private label and branded products across multiple categories. To capitalize on the boom in body care, Garcoa is expanding the Nature’s Beauty brand to include body care collections that focus on sleep, detox, and stress relief. The solution-oriented products combine time-tested, plant-based ingredients to cleanse, nourish and rejuvenate with aromatic fragrances to transform mood. The collection features trending ingredient combinations such as Elderberry Eucalyptus, Lavender Chamomile and Orange Ginger to purify, relieve inflammation and help improve skin tone and texture. The product assortment includes bath & body wash, body scrubs, body lotions and butters and 10 piece bath bomb gift sets. 

    Read on for more from ECRM’s virtual skin care, bath, cosmetics, and natural beauty program. We’ll look at more natural and organic brands in part 2.
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