Fueled by TikTok Trend, 62-Year-Old Company Becomes an Overnight Success!

    The phones have been ringing off the hook at World Organic Corp., as well as a multitude of natural food retailers and other outlets across the U.S. who carry Liquid Chlorophyll and other chlorophyll supplement products.

    At first, nobody knew why the sudden spike in interest and sales of chlorophyll, although demand at World had already been high starting last year with the COVID-19 crisis. The key turned out to be health-conscious TikTok users posting videos of themselves mixing and drinking chlorophyll with water, and explaining the health benefits they perceived to gain from the consumption of the dark green solution. According to Healthline.com, benefits of chlorophyll may include detoxifying the blood, reducing body odors, reducing body fungus, stimulating the immune system, and stimulating natural peristalsis.

    This current spike in interest occurred although the Liquid Chlorophyll was introduced in the 1960s. I began by offering it in my health food store in San Pedro, CA, established in 1959, before I founded World Organic and began manufacturing. I learned the benefits of chlorophyll (the abundant green pigment used to perform photosynthesis, converting sunlight into energy) while studying this green miracle of plant (and hence human) while working toward my degree in Agronomy in Palermo, Italy.

    Thus the World Organic Corp. began with both science and a passion for health. It would grow to become America’s premier line of the highest quality chlorophyll products, sourced from natural, non-GMO Alfalfa and delivered in a unique isotonic solution for maximum bioavailability. The product contains no preservatives and provides 100-mg of Chlorophyll per serving. Production is overseen by an in-house pharmacist, and every batch of raw material is tested and approved prior to production. Each finished batch is then tested for potency and purity before being released for sale.

    The TikTok trend created 150 million views in just a couple of weeks, and thousands of bottles on hand quickly sold out—but new stock is made daily and shipped out to serve the demand of retailers and consumers.