Let’s Bake Together: Gluten-Free Doughnuts

    Hey everyone! I’m Becca and I recently started working at WholeFoods Magazine. I have always been really into food and trying out different recipes, especially for baking. Since I’ve started at the magazine, I’ve been exploring natural and organic products and the recipes that come with them, and I'm going to share my results with you. I hope you enjoy reading these with me. Maybe you’ll find a new recipe or food that inspires you, too. Let’s Bake Together!

    When it’s time to celebrate, my family always enjoys something sweet. I can’t resist a well-made donut that’s filled, glazed or tossed in cinnamon sugar. That’s why I decided to take GF Jules Gluten-Free Cake Mix and turn it into a tasty batch of doughnuts to share with my family for Mother’s Day—and with you for this edition of Let’s Bake Together!  

    This is a great recipe for kids (or anyone) to whip up for any occasion. The cake mix can be made either vanilla or chocolate; the package gives you easy instructions for a chocolate version, which is what I did. You add cocoa powder, water, and chocolate syrup. Yum!

    To make the doughnuts, I did a Pinterest search for recipes using GF cake mix and found this recipe for Gluten-Free Doughnuts from Dream a Little Bigger. The instructions said they used a box of King Arthur mix, so I looked up the size of that box and measured out the same amount of GF Jules. It ended up being most of the bag. I then followed the recipe instructions, and I loved how few ingredients were needed to turn this batter into doughnuts. They were made in a Wilton Doughnut pan that I already had (you will need a special pan to get the shape).

    This recipe does yield a lot of doughnuts. I made two dozen, but easily had enough batter for another batch of six. I used a piping bag with no tip to evenly fill the cavities. 

    What I loved about this recipe was how versatile it can be. There’s a quick glaze that you make for the doughnuts. I had to double this recipe because it wasn’t enough. Beyond that, you can have fun with the toppings and create your own flavors. I searched my cabinets for toppings and found cookies, so I put five in a bag and went over them with a rolling pin. You could also use a glass to mash them up. I then sprinkled the crumbles on top. 

    I also had candy melts, which I melted and drizzled across the glazed ones. If you do this, make sure the glaze is dry first. 

    I found these doughnuts to be a great bake for a Sunday afternoon. You don’t feel as guilty eating these doughnuts since they’re baked, not fried. And the best part: You can make whatever flavor combinations you want. Chocolate and cookies. Vanilla and sprinkles. Whatever kind you make, whoever enjoys them with you will talking about these for a long  time! Happy Baking!





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    My name is Becca & I am the Communications Associate for WholeFoods Magazine (WFM). Food has always been something I take pretty seriously. Don’t believe me? On a trip to move my sister into her new apartment, I stood in line for three hours at a famous bakery, while the rest of my family moved heavy boxes and furniture into her new place. They couldn’t be too mad at me though, after I arrived home with a box of delicious sweets. Needless to say, I am definitely a foodie or whatever you want to call someone who plans day trips around food. Now that I’ve started at WFM, I am learning more about healthy, organic, natural food options. So now I am on a mission to explore healthier recipes, using natural and organic products. Join me as we explore some new takes on classic favorites + maybe some new recipes that have yet to be discovered (by me anyway).