Life is Better Outdoors

    The Outdoor Retailer Summer Show has all the goods we need to venture out without a doubt!  

    If you can’t spend as much time as you would like outside, at least get the gear. The Outdoor Retailer Summer Show, held in Denver, CO in June, showcased all the goods consumers need to spend more time in nature. And mark your calendars for the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, November 5-7, 2019 at The Denver Convention Center.

    Here are a few of the trends spotted at the show:

    Elevated Athleisure: The athleisure trend in fashion has existed for years and shows no signs of stopping. Yogavated Athletics is perfect for any athleisure lover whether you are looking to achieve a comfortable stylish look or supercharge your workout. For art lovers or anyone looking to stand out, check out the (We Are Art) collection where Yogavated Athletics engages real artists to showcase their work on Yogavated Athletic’s perfectly proportioned pieces. You will be noticed when you wear this brand and be encouraged to work-out more.

    Gluten-free Goodness: Living life gluten free means a lot of hard work and sacrifice, but one thing you should never sacrifice is flavor. And thanks to Voyaging Foods, you never have to. This Hawaiian food company has introduced Taro powder, a gluten-free flour and cornstarch alternative, to the masses and nobody is complaining. Taro powder is high in fiber, potassium, iron, and is low glycemic, so it’s good for you, too!

    Clean Puppy Play: If your furry friend has a tendency to track dirt and grime into the house, the paw and body wipes from Jax & Cali are a must have. These vegan, hypoallergenic wipes are super thick and allow you to effectively clean your pup’s paws without the hassle.

    Affordable Outdoor Apparel: Love outdoor apparel, but hate the steep price? Try Mountain and Isles. They’ve got you covered with high quality outdoor apparel from hats to outerwear at a fraction of the cost of other brands.

    Sanitary Showering: Showaflops shower shoes include drainage holes in the sole to increase drying time and reduce slipperiness. Basically if you shower anywhere but your home, you need these. Whether you are a college student or showering in a gym locker-room, Showaflops has you covered.

    Comfortable Camping: Let’s be real–getting outside is amazing, but not when nature calls. Cleanwaste offers a top-quality, well thought out, functional line of products that make for an optimal bathroom experience when plumbing isn’t available.

    Elevated Outdoor Living: If you love camping but hate sleeping on hard, uneven surfaces, the Kamprite original tent cot is perfect for you. Stay dry and enjoy a goodnight sleep under the stars with the Kamprite original tent cot, and be sure to check out the full line of clever camping products including, of course, “the Divorce Chair.”

    Smartphone Protection: Everyone has experienced it. Whether at the beach or on the ski lift, you look down and your phone is dead. Phoozy smartphone protection has finally remedied this with its insulated smartphone pouches. Phoozy affords piece of mind while enjoying your favorite activities and users are loving it!

    Protective Activewear: Nothing feels better than getting out and exercising on a beautiful day, until you have to deal with the sunburn later. Protect your skin from aging and skin cancer with Bloq-UV clothes. Unlike a standard t-shirts which only block 5% of the sun’s rays, Bloq-UV clothes block 98% of UVA/UVB rays making it the only choice for outdoor wear in the summer.

    Sun Safety: Protecting your skin from the sun is an incredibly hot topic these days as it can reduce signs of aging and decrease the likelihood of certain types of cancer. One standout must-have item form the Outdoor Retailer Show was Spot My UV, UV detection stickers. These small stickers mimic the effects of the sun on your skin and change colors to let you know when it is time to get out of the sun.

    More Protection For Hotter Summers: Our ozone layer protects us from exposure to UVB radiation, but with ozone depletion, the sun is shining down harder and hotter than ever. This means hotter summers, drier skin, and redder sunburns. Made to block 97% of UV rays, Wallaroo’s UPF 50+ hats are proven to aid in the prevention of skin cancer.

    Sweat Right: While sweating is a necessary and beneficial process that helps regulate the body’s temperature, it does have its own challenges. Body Glide has a range of anti-chafing balms, specially formulated to roll on the skin and provide all-day comfort and stop chafing and blisters before they begin. The balms are sweat and water resistant, keeping pores clog-free by allowing sweat to escape and letting the skin breathe.

    Adaptable Fashion: I know using a backpack is better for my back but it’s so much easier to wear it on one shoulder… which totally defeats the purpose. Men, I know you have seen other men rocking messenger bags and thought about whether or not you could pull it off. Hillside Industries has everyone covered with its new versatile technology that allows users to carry its bag as both a messenger bag and a backpack. With this product you can rock a messenger when you want to, but it also offers the comfort and safety of a backpack when you don’t.

    Make Gardening Fun: Have you been dying to get out into the garden but don’t know where to start? Council Tool Axes are beautifully crafted and fabulously sharp inspiring anyone to get out into the yard and get your man on.


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