Nutri-Beauty: Mastering the Market—3 Topics that Excite Me

    Event Co-Host Nathan Gray spotlights the hot topics.

    On April 21-22, the #NaturallyInformed virtual event series continues with a deep dive into the science and business of nutri-beauty, and I’m excited!

    The ingestible beauty category is a market that has been growing rapidly in recent years. After more than a decade of false dawns and unfulfilled potential, the category finally seems to be ready for prime time, with a growing body of science demonstrating clear benefits, and a soaring consumer demand for new solutions in a once-dry and seemingly out-of-touch space.

    Our goal for the event is to bridge the gaps between science and strategy, bringing together world-class research, business intelligence, and regulatory insights to allow suppliers, brands, retailers, practitioners, and other industry players to master the rapidly developing beauty-from-within space.

    I’m hosting the first day of the event, a day that will explore new research and cutting-edge technologies in skin health and beauty, digging deep into the evidence for core nutricosmetic ingredients like hydrolyzed collagen, biotin, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, astaxanthin, and more.

    We’re covering so much in that first day—it really is all killer, no filler. But, here are three topics we’re covering that I think are really going to be important.

    1. Collagen through life. Collagen is so HOT right now—and with good reason. The science and market for collagen has slowly matured for more than a decade, and now it’s ready to take on the world. Collagen-based supplements have become a keystone in beauty and the management of aging, with a growing number of scientific studies show exciting evidence that it is possible to rejuvenate aging or damaged skin, improve function of worn joints, and support personal well-being and vitality. Join us as we look at how collagen needs change throughout life, and how ingestible collagen supplements and collagen boosters may help us stay youthful and radiant.
    2. Exploring the skin microbiome. No topic has been more transformative in the area of human health in the last 10 years than that of the microbiome. Our understanding of how bacteria both inside and outside of our body can impact our health and wellness has truly transformed the way we think about health and diet. Our skin is also home to millions of bacteria, fungi, and viruses that compose the skin microbiota. Just like those in our gut, skin microorganisms have essential roles in health and beauty. Our sessions on the skin microbiome explore the emerging potential of this microbiome in a new generation of beauty products, in addition to looking at how probiotics and prebiotics that have been previously shown to benefit the gut are emerging as regulators skin health and beauty through the gut-skin axis.
    3. Help for thinning hair. This is a topic that has been long thought of as the domain of snake-oil remedies and magic cures in that a lot has been promised but very little has been delivered. However, there have been huge strides in scientific discovery and the development of new ingestible solutions for hair thinning. It’s a topic I’m excited to learn more about!

    Make sure you’re registered, and ready to listen in next week. Don’t worry if you can’t make it live—all our sessions (minus the live roundtables) will be available on demand too.

    As always, our event is totally free to attend, thanks to our sponsors: And as always, this Naturally Informed event is free to attend, thanks to our sponsors: BioCell TechnologyLycoredStratum NutritionBergstrom NutritionClearCut; and Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.

    Be sure to register now!

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    Nathan Gray is an industry analyst and consultant with more than a decade of experience in the food and nutrition space and more than 15 years in media and science communication. An experienced communicator and strategic connector, Nathan brings with a wealth of experience and expertise in food technology, nutrition science and wellness trends. As an industry thought leader, he is passionate about innovation and scientific discovery in nutrition – and in particular the microbiome and sports nutrition categories. Nathan has a BSc Human Biosciences from the University of Plymouth, UK, where he specialized in exercise nutrition, immunology and science communication. After this he gained a postgraduate certification in Science and Environmental Journalism at the University of Lincoln, UK, where he worked on radio and TV productions in addition to online and print journalism. Alongside his work with Trust Transparency Center and the Global Prebiotic Association, Nathan runs European consultancy Nutraceutic. He was previously Senior Editor at NutraIngredients – covering the functional food, supplements, and wellness space, and co-ran the European content team for William Reed’s Global Brands Division. Between 2010 and 2020, Nathan worked in a various roles and regions within William Reed, including managing NutraIngredients and FoodNavigator in Europe, managing and overseeing the development of BeverageDaily and DairyReporter globally, helping to launch NutraIngredients-Asia, and driving the creation and long-term development of industry-leading events like Probiota, Food Vision, Sports Nutrition Summit and the NutraIngredients Awards.