Survey Shows Organic on the Rise

Organic foods now on the table in more than 80% of homes surveyed.


According to the Organic Trade Association organic food sales have now reached $40 billion annually, accounting for approximately 5% of the total U.S. food sales. An unprecedented Nielsen’s study (2015 – 2016) surveying 100,000 households in the 48 contiguous states reported that the national average for organic sales jumped from 3.4% to 82.3% in this period. The study represented populations which are geographically and demographically diverse as being representative of the national population. The research was conducted by inviting participating households to record with a home scanner all food purchases used for at-home consumption. Overall food purchased listed foods from any retail outlet and as well as organic foods.

In a number of states showing the most significant increase in the purchase of organic food, 90% or more of the households are now buying organic regularly. The states showing the most significant organic purchasing increase include North Dakota, Rhode Island, Wyoming, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

Based on these findings, showing very strong consumer preference for organics, the Organic
Trade Association will continue to seek funding to support a strong organic program which will assist organic producers and manufacturers in efficient and profitable distribution of their products. The goal is to make organic foods a major “healthy eating” component in households nationwide and to continue to expand the market for pure, safe, health promoting foods and products.

Simi Summer, Ph.D. is an independent researcher, educator, and freelance writer. She is a
strong proponent of organic consumer education and informed consumer choices.