The Top Seven Questions Asked About HPP

1. What is High Pressure Processing (HPP)?
HPP is a revolutionary method that uses pressure as opposed to nutrient-killing high heat to pasteurize food.  It does not affect the molecular level of food and it has little to no effect on nutritional value, vitamins, minerals or flavor of the product.

2. Why would a baby food company want to use HPP?
With baby food it is critical to have a product that is safe, nutritious and tastes great.  HPP allows a baby food manufacturer to make a product that meets these criteria more than any other method of pasteurization.  HPP keeps the good stuff great and gets rid of the bad.

3. How does HPP work?
The packaged product is put in to a clean, cool water chamber. The chamber is then pressurized to approximately 87,000 psi (pounds per square inch) thereby ridding the food of any potentially harmful pathogens without affecting the integrity of the product.

4. What is HPP’s impact on nutrition?
Because HPP is “cold pasteurization,” it has a great impact on the nutrition of the food by maintaining the integrity of the food’s vitamins and minerals.  

5. How does HPP affect food flavor and texture?  
HPP has no negative impact on the food’s flavor or texture.  It does, however, greatly increase the shelf-life of the product.

6. What other food companies uses HPP?
HPP is used with juice companies, meat companies, ready-to-eat meals as well as a host of other foods.  Pure Spoon is the first company in the US to offer baby food and purees that have gone through HPP.

7. What do you believe is the future of HPP?
As more and more products utilize HPP, this will likely lead to two things:
1. There will be increased consumer demand for products that use HPP.
2. The costs associated with HPP will decrease as more facilities open to meet the demand.


Pure Spoon is dedicated to the development of delicious, healthy organic baby food and purees made with innovative cool-temperature, high-pressure pasteurization, delivering more flavor and nutritional value than traditional heat-pasteurization. Pure Spoon was founded by a working mother, Alyson Eberle, who was disappointed by the baby food she found at the grocery store when looking to feed her six-month-old baby. Alyson’s research revealed most baby food is made from premade, processed bases and cooked in individual ready-to-eat containers, including plastic bags and pouches. Wanting to give her daughter healthy, fresh baby food, she made her own homemade baby food from raw, fresh organic produce. Soon, she had requests from friends and family for her baby food and recipes. That is how Pure Spoon was created –– we call it a “Pure Approach” ™. Based on Alyson’s original “Pure Approach” ™ Pure Spoon’s baby food and purees are made from 100% raw, certified organic produce.