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The purpose of our health and nutrition articles is to inform natural product retailers and suppliers about the latest natural product and dietary supplement news, so they can take advantage of new opportunities and improve their businesses. Our magazine provides important information regarding the industry's new and emerging product categories, plus the science behind key dietary supplements.

Here’s To Your Health: Medicinal Beverages

If you look down the tea aisle of any grocery store, you’re likely to find an array of teas offering remedies for everything from...
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The Future of Food

You may want to stop all chatter for the next 10 seconds, because if you allow the reality of the next sentence to sink,...

What’s Selling: July 2014

This month's best sellers.

Where Is Our Champion?

On October 7, 1994, in the late evening hours, the Senate passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) by unanimous consent. It took...

What’s Selling: July 2012

This month's best sellers.


Stopping the Autoimmune Domino Effect

Slumped over tea that smells like rotting compost: “Why can’t this be a decadent rich caramel caffè macchiato? But no, food issues and one sickness...

Celiac Disease, NCGS (Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity), Wheat Allergy, and Noxae Defined

Ever wonder how many billions of dollars go into protective gear for workers? Mechanics, painters, coal miners, … it’s a pretty long list. The...

Supporting Those Who Need It Most

Combing through the WholeFoods Magazine archives while writing a tribute to Stanley Jacobson, I hit pay dirt with a statement he made in 1985...


The rise of the selfie has been incredibly fast. Everyone from the President to Britain’s royal family to the Pope has been caught in...

Breaking Down Fair Trade

When you reach for the shelf, you may see that products have an ever-growing amount of labels and certifications, generally designed so that you...