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WholeFoods Magazine is a national, monthly trade magazine that has been published continuously for more than 35 years (since 1984 by Wainer Finest Communications), making it the longest-tenured media outlet of its kind in the natural products industry.

The editorial focus is, and always has been, on informing and educating retailers about how to improve their businesses and take advantage of emerging opportunities both within the industry and in the world at large. Every monthly issue includes feature-length articles covering hot, new product categories.

Jeff Bezos Person of the Year

December 2017

December Digital Edition Editorial What's Selling Tip of the Month 2017 Person of the Year Love Letter to an Independent Navigating the Amazon...

February 2018

February Digital Edition Editorial What's Selling Tip of the Month New Approaches to Healthy Aging Heart of the Matter Getting Inside the Lifestyle...
WholeFoods Magazine

July 2016

July Digital Issue Editorial PCC Natural Markets: 2016 Retailer of the Year Prepped and Ready to Go Synergy in the Bone Health Aisle Planting...

April 2020

Digital Issue Editorial: Trying to Enjoy the Lemonade Tip of the Month: Even Online Commerce Needs Physical Stores What’s Selling 2020 Natural Choice...