An iron supplement that won’t upset your stomach or cause constipation.

Iron supplements are often not easy to tolerate. Learn about an alternative.

Neural Balance

Neural Balance Improves Anxiety, Stress, Sleep and Social Interactions

Click to hear podcast Does your child suffer with any of the following: lack of focus, aggression, irregular sleep patterns, social anxiety and/or social withdrawal?...

Private Labeling

Private labeling is dominating the market in sales and power. Is your store getting its share? 

Wild Oregano Oil and Infectious Micro-organisms

A Healthquest Podcast by Steve Lankford Click to hear podcast   The benefits of herbs, spices and essential oils are finally being validated by clinical and...

WholeFoods Magazine 2012 Retailer Survey Podcast


Our biggest survey ever just got even better.

Tune in to hear expanded analysis and merchandising tips from the

2012 WholeFoods Retailer Survey,

Holy Basil Herb for Stress and Anxiety

Holy Basil has many beneficial uses and preperations, but the key is finding what's best for you.

Flu Immune Support

Wintertime Cold and Flu Immune Support

Click to hear podcast This is the time of year when summer is fading and winter is fast approaching. With winter comes exposure to viruses...

Rapid Defense for Immune Support

You can enhance your defenses against colds and flu.

brain health aged garlic

Supporting Brain Energy, Focus and Memory

Click to hear podcast Who couldn’t use better brain health? I remember many years ago the conventional wisdom was that you can’t do much about...

Blood is Thicker Than Water

Click to hear podcast "Blood is Thicker Than Water," is the title of a paper written by Dr. Ralph Holsworth back in 2002. This was my first...