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LJ100 Tongkat Ali

Learn how this incredible medicinal herb supports healthy energy levels, mood, libido and overall quality of life in men and women.


Cyplexinol: Clinical Breakthrough

Learn all about how Cyplexinol, a stem cell-activating protein complex, supports bone health, joint care and more. Published on WholeFoods Magazine Online, 9/13/16

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Why New Science Matters to Your Customers "New science" is changing what you thought you knew about probiotics... and your customers will thank you. Learn how new...

The CoQ10 Connection

Sponsored by the CoQ10 Association, "The CoQ10 Connection: The Secret Nutrient for Optimal Health" written by Stephen Sinatra MD, FACC, aims to reinforce our...

Retailer Guide to Vitamin K2 as Menaquinone-7

The Missing Nutrient Addressing a Newly Recognized Deficiency.

Retailer Spotlight: Grassroots Natural Market and Kitchen

Stuart Tomc, VP of human nutrition at CV Sciences, talks to the folks at Grassroots Natural Market and Kitchen, in South Pasadena, CA. This...

Peptides and Collagen For Youthful-Looking Skin *Sponsored*

By Crystal Robbins, Content Creator, DERMA E There is no such thing as a “magic potion” or a “quick-fix” when you want to have youthful,...

The Science of Carb Control for Weight Management and Fat Loss

Childhood and adult obesity rates are alarmingly higher than they were a generation ago. Overweight makes you more likely to have conditions including heart...

Curcumin: One-Stop Solution for Good Health

Are you up on the latest curcumin research? If you sell curcumin, you should be....and here's how: Posted on WholeFoods Magazine Online, 3/2/16

Groundbreaking Probiotic Study on Leaky Gut

Using Metabolic Endotoxemia as a measure of intestinal permeability and chronic immune activation, the University of North Texas conducted a double-blind placebo human clinical...