Immune Market in 2022: What you need to know now

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Omicron, flurona, IHU…as I write this, these are the COVID concerns dominating news headlines. By the time you read this? Who knows. What we do know is that the impact of the pandemic has changed the way consumers purchase health foods and nutritional supplements, and as we begin to live in a “new normal,” the way shoppers and the industry think about immunity is shifting.

To help you navigate, we’re working to make the next Naturally Informed virtual conference series the best yet. Immunity: Mastering the Market, powered by WholeFoods Magazine and Trust Transparency Center, will take place virtually on March 1-2. We’re going to explore the latest in immune science, trends, supply-chain and business strategy of the immunity market as it evolves again in 2022, and I’m jazzed about the line-up of world-class speakers signing on to show how you can master the immunity market in the post-pandemic era.

Kicking off the event: In the keynote Building Immune Resilience for a Whole New World: How We Can Use Our Personal Immunotype to Create a Healthier Future for Ourselves, Dr. Heather Moday, integrative and functional medicine physician and author of The Immunotype Breakthrough, will share timely, groundbreaking insights into the latest science on immunity, explaining how it is significantly influenced by our behaviors, diet, habits, and environment. She will also  outline strategies and keys for getting it in balance.

And throughout the two-day event, we will discuss emerging research, consumer trends, product positioning, marketing messaging, and more. Just a few of the topics we’ll be exploring:

  • 3 Major Lessons from COVID…with a look at emerging research on nutrition and other key learnings.
  • Climate Change, Public Health & Pandemics…what the experts say, and how we can make a difference.
  • Innovative, Proactive Strategies for Immune Support…from the latest in postbiotics to skin immunity.

Of course, in this industry we are all focused on helping people achieve optimal health, and to do that, we need to keep our businesses healthy. All the talk of record sales for key categories is encouraging…but we aren’t all seeing the windfall of those sales. Indeed, many of us have faced serious struggles during the pandemic. Independent natural products retailers told us about those struggles in our 44th Annual Retailer Survey (the results of which will be published in our March 2022 issue). One retailer shared: “Overall blessed to continue to serve our community, but it has been challenging…Most of our customers have remained loyal, but unfortunately we have lost some to online shopping too.”

Another told us: “This year business is down as a lot of customers have learned to shop online.” For one retailer who responded to our survey, the online shift dealt a fatal blow, forcing the closure of their last store, which was no longer profitable.

At WholeFoods Magazine, we are committed to helping natural products retailers, who have long been the backbone of this industry, navigate and emerge stronger in the face of increasing challenges. That’s why I am hoping you can all join us for the session How to
Make Your Business Immune in Uncertain Times
. Industry leaders will discuss strategies for dealing supply chain disruptions, online competition, staffing strategies, and other pressing concerns.

Granted, given those pressing concerns that you are facing, you may not be able to join us live for the two-day virtual event. The good news is that, thanks to our sponsors, the sessions will be available on demand, for free. When you register for the event at, you’ll be notified when the content is available for on-demand viewing, so you and your colleagues won’t miss out!

More A+ Education on Tap for 2022!

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Immune health and wellness continues to be a pressing issue, but there are many markets that offer tremendous growth opportunity in 2022, and we’ll be exploring several of the biggest:

  • Microbiome: May 17-19
  • Coping, Balancing & Thriving in Challenging Times: September 20-22
  • Living Longer, Stronger & Healthier: November 16-18

If you missed any of our events from 2020 and 2021, you can now access that content on demand for free thanks to our sponsors. Scan the code or register at for emerging science, category trends, formulation opportunities, marketing and merchandising strategies, regulatory insights, and
much more!