Happy Customer: Bonanza Health Foods

We’re asking customers to share what they love about their local natural products store. This month, the spotlight shines on one shopper’s experience at Bonanza Health Foods, in Billings, MT.

Shopping at Bonanza is like being home with dear friends, according to Patti Snyder, Billings, MT resident and 30-year Bonanza customer. “When I go to the store, I go in and catch up,” said Patti. “We talk about our families and what’s new.”

Yes, that was printed correctly. 30 years might be the definition of a life-long customer. Patti has been shopping at Bonanza since her friend started working at the store in the early 90s. What motivated her? Patti was drawn to the natural products world after witnessing her father battle diabetes.

“About 6 months before he died, he was in the hospital and the doctors told him that the warranty on his heart bypass had worn out,” said Patti. “They took him off all of his medicines except for his insulin and he improved greatly for about 6 months. I decided at that point, if those pills were killing my dad, then they might kill me too. So I decided to go on the long trek for better health through natural products.”

The first supplements she tried were chromium and zinc to target blood sugar control. “I wanted to get myself healthy so I wouldn’t fall into that genetic trap,” she added. Her shopping cart has modified since. Anytime she visits the store, Patti explains her concerns to store owners, Jerry and Arthel Vincent—and they never disappoint.

“Arthel and Jerry are extremely knowledgeable. As I’ve progressed over the years, they have always been there to solve my health problems.” A couple standouts have been Jerry and Arthel’s recommendation of CoQ10 and L-Theanine—which have drastically improved Patti’s health. Patti’s husband is also hooked on Bonanza. “My husband survived prostate cancer and is doing well. Arthel helped us find a Japanese product—which was really amazing and helped him.”

The most devoted supplementer in her family, Patti doesn’t follow a certain diet, but she does use resources like Bonanza to get educated on new supplements.
Surviving the influx of big-time chain stores in Billings, MT, Bonanza has been family owned and operated since 1976. Inside the 1,300 sq. ft. store, Jerry and Arthel have a mission to provide their customers with an education on how to build a healthy and nutritional life—and according to Patti, they have exceeded expectations.

Supporting small businesses is a priority for Patti. She avoids shopping at large corporations—even if the cost is a bit higher. “I try to shop locally because I respect the small businesses, unfortunately some of them can’t hang on.”
Congratulations to Bonanza, as they celebrate 45 years in business!