What’s Selling November 2021

Food Home Delivery. Oil in a bottle, pasta, canned food, cereals, eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables on a blue rustic background. Donation and charity. Top view, flat lay,copy space


The Herb Shop, Branson West, MO (1,200 ft²)

SUPPLEMENTS: Nature’s Plus, Collagen Peptides;
NB Pure, Mag-07 Oxygen Cleanse;
Terry Naturally, Clinical OPC Grape Seed

FOOD: NOW Foods, Variety Of Nuts;
Reed’s, Ginger Chews;
Barbara’s Baked, Original Cheese Puffs

BEVERAGES: Buddha’s Brew, Tart Cherry Melon Kombucha;
Wyld CBD, Sparkling Water (All Flavors);
Biotta Juices, Beet Juice

HABA: Jäson, Vit-E Products;
Plant Spirit Apothecary, Queen Of Thieves;
Essential Source, Advanced Bonita

UP & COMING: BarkTHINS, Assorted Chocolates;
Terry Naturally, Andrographis Ep80 Extra Strength;
Good Day Chocolate, Calm Milk


God’s Little Garden, Cranberry, PA (1,800 ft²) 

SUPPLEMENTS: North American Herb and Spice, Oil of Oregano 1oz;
Nature’s Plus, Red Yeast Rice;
Nature’s Answer, Milk Thistle

FOOD: Sami’s Bakery, Millet and Flax Bread;
Food For Life, Ezekiel 4:9 Bread;
Follow your Heart, Vegenaise

BEVERAGES: Penta Water, Liters;
Zevia, Ginger Root Beer;
Field Day, Apple Juice Gallons

HABA: Australian Natural Soap, Full Line;
Cylinder Works, Beeswax Cylinders;
SoFresh Oral Care, Flossing ToothBrush

UP & COMING: H.E.A.L. Q.U.I.C.K., Miracle Lotion;
Violife, Dairy-Free Cheese;
Unreal Snacks, Candy Line


Ruth’s Nutrition, Huntsville, AL (1,000 ft²) 

SUPPLEMENTS: Charlotte’s Web, CBD Oil Liquid Capsules 25 mg;
Charlotte’s Web, CBD Oil Liquid Capsules 17mg;
Terry Naturally, Curamin Pain Relief

FOOD: Mullins’, Local Honey;
Free2b Foods, Sunflower Butter Cups;
Rule Breaker Snacks, P’Nutter Chocolate Chip Cookie

BEVERAGES: Vita Coco, Coconut Water Peach/Mango;
Reeds, Extra Ginger Beer;
Petal Sparkling Botanicals, Beverage Line

HABA: Derma E, Vitamin C Serum;
Heather Loraine Cosmetics, Jojoba Oil;
DermaE, Vitamin C Intense Night Cream

UP & COMING: Terry Naturally, Sucontral D;
Designs for Health, GI Revive;
KAL Heart, Magnesium Powder


Wealth of Health, Idaho Falls, ID (6,000 ft²)

SUPPLEMENTS: LifeSeasons, Immune Elderberry Lozenges
Solaray, Zinc 50 mg;
Terry Naturally, Curamin Extra Strength

FOOD: Bob’s Red Mill, Flour Mix Line;
Blue Diamond, Almond Flour;
Katz GF, Frozen Line

BEVERAGES: Derma E, Full Line;
Andalou Naturals, Full Line;
LifeFlo, Coconut Oil

HABA: Zevia, Full Line;
Kevita Full Line;
HealthAid America, Full Line

UP & COMING: LifeSeasons, Clinical Immunity QuickStart;
Terry Naturally, CuraMed Acute Pain;
Terry Naturally, Zinc w/Selenium


Betsy’s Health Foods, Houston, TX (900 ft²)

SUPPLEMENTS: Betsy’s Basics (Private Label), 35 Billion Probiotic;
Bluebonnet Nutrition, Albion Chelated Zinc;
Michael’s Naturopathic Programs, Vitamin D3 with K2

FOOD: Betsy’s Basics (Private Label), Stevia Vanilla;
Xlear, XyloSweet with 100% Xylitol Granules;
Betsy’s Basics (Private Label), Stevia Cinnamon

BEVERAGES: Traditional Medicinals, Belly Comfort Peppermint Tea;
Traditional Medicinals, Hibiscus Tea;
Earth Mama, Milkmaid Tea

HABA: Betsy’s Basics (Private Label), Almond (Sweet) Carrier Oil;
Desert Essence, Cucumber & Aloe Micellar Cleansing Facial Water;
Desert Essence, Arnica & Tea Tree Oil Carrageenan Free Toothpaste

UP & COMING: Betsy’s Basics (Private Label), Pureway-C;
Health Direct, AminoSculpt Collagen;
Natural Factors, Vitamin K2 100 mcg


Highlands Organic Market, Kennewick and Richland, WA (5,000 ft²)

SUPPLEMENTS: Terry Naturally, CuraMed;
Natural Factors, Ubiquinol Active CoQ10;
Herbs Etc., ChlorOxygen Liquid

FOOD: Outside the Bread Box, Vegan Oat Bread;
Karam’s, Garlic Sauce;
Gluten-Free Waffle and Pancake Mix, All Brands

HABA: DermaE, Firming DMAE Moisturizer;
Terry Naturally, Omega-7 Lip Balm;
CBDent, Peppermint Toothpaste

BEVERAGES: GT’s, Kombucha;
Reed’s, Ginger Ale Extra;
Zevia Soda, Cola

UP & COMING: Beyond Pickles, Korean KimChi;
Two Sisters, Honey;
HappiNest, Eggs

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