What’s Selling: October 2022

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What’s Selling is a monthly review of the best-selling products determined from unit sales at six natural products stores rotated from a base of selected stores. The intention is to provide indications of sales trends.

Terry Naturally, Green Bay, WI (3,200 SF)

SUPPLEMENTS: Terry Naturally Curamin Extra Strength
Terry Naturally Curamin
Private Label Pro-Cure

FOOD: Local Elk Meat
Local Bison Meat
Produce (all)

HABA: Pranarom Essential Oils
EO Lotions and Soaps
Grandpa’s Soap Co. Thylox

BEVERAGES: A88 Infused Waters
Dr. Kombuchas (full line)
A88 Plain Water

 UP & COMING: Terry Naturally Red Ginseng
Bluebonnet Brain Health

Health Matters, Amesbury, MA (1,500 SF)

SUPPLEMENTS: New Chapter Magnesium
Truvani Protein
Green Gorilla CBD Gummies

FOOD: Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts
Solely Organic Mango Halves
Munk Pack Keto Bars (full line)

 HABA: Grateful Body Rich Facial Moisturizer
Badger Sunscreens
Acure Brightening Glow Lotion

 BEVERAGES: GT’s Alive Mushroom Elixirs
Pigeon Cove Kombucha (full line)
Tourmaline Spring Sacred Living Water

 UP & COMING:  Recess Mood
New Chapter Kids Multivitamin Gummies
Ancient Nutrition SBO probiotics

Nancy’s Natural Foods, Dade City, FL (1,800 SF)

SUPPLEMENTS: Full Life Reuma-Art X-Strength
Bluebonnet Collagens (full line)
Jarrow Formulas Bone Up

 FOOD: Bob’s Red Mill Flax Seed
Reed’s Crystalized Ginger
BIO Coffee

 HABA: Nutra Cream
Humble Deodorant (full line)
Hyalogic Hylaronic Acids

BEVERAGES: Reed’s Real Ginger Ale
Ginseng Up Grape
Fiji Water

 UP & COMING: Nature’s Plus Collagen
Bluebonnet Nitro
Bluebonnet D3K2

Wealth of Health, Idaho Falls, ID (6,000 SF)

SUPPLEMENTS: Terry Naturally Curamin Extra Strength
Terry Naturally Curamed 750 mg
Life Seasons Neuro-Q

 FOOD: Bob’s Red Mill (full line)
Katz Gluten-Free (full line)
Pamela’s Products (full line)

HABA: Derma-E (full line)
Andalou Naturals Argan Shampoo
Andalou Naturals Argan Conditioner

 BEVERAGES: Zevia (full line)
Kavita (full line)
Dynamic Tart Cherry Juice

 UP & COMING:  Life Seasons Elderberry
Solaray NAC
Irwin Naturals CBD + Power to Sleep 50 mg

Health World Natural Foods, Ponca City, OK (3,000 SF)

SUPPLEMENTS: Terry Naturally Curamin
Garden of Life Colon Care Probiotic
Source Naturals Allercetin Allergy & Sinus

FOOD: Pacific Hemp Milk
Seite Grain Free Tortilla Chips
Laird Dark Roast Ground Mushroom Coffee 

HABA: Aura Cacia Peppermint Oil
Jason Tea Tree Body Wash
Elementa Nano Silver Xylitol Mouthwash

BEVERAGES: Live Root Beer Kombucha
Rebbl Reishi Chocolate Immunity Elixir
Eternal Alkaline Water

UP & COMING: Seagate Olive Leaf Nasal Spray
Xlear Rescue Nasal Spray
Auroshika Frankincense Incense

Vitamin World, Bellingham, WA (1,200 SF)

SUPPLEMENTS: Multivitamins (all brands)
Turmeric (all brands)
Creatine (all brands)

FOOD: Protein (all brands/sources)
Ginger Chews (all brands)

HABA: Retinol Cream (all brands)
Collagen (all brands)

BEVERAGES: Alani Nu (full line)
Bang Energy Drinks (full line)

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