What’s Selling: September 2011

What’s Selling is a monthly review of the best-selling products determined from unit sales at six natural products stores around the country, rotated from a base of selected stores. The intention is to provide indications of sales trends.


If your store is interested in being included in our What’s Selling Column, e-mail: kimberlywilliams@wfcinc.com.

Balance Rx, Integrative Pharmacy, Pleasant Hill, IA (2,000 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: Natural Creations, Cal-Gel;
Natural Creations, Enterobiotic;
Healthy for Life, Natural Omega 3-6-9
FOOD: Dr. Bronner’s, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil;
Ortho Molecular Products, Tempo Bar;
YummyEarth, Organic Lollipops
HBC: French Transit, Crystal Body Deodorant;
Canus Goat’s Milk Products, Lait de Chevre Goat’s Milk Lotion;
Natralia, Eczema & Psoriasis Cream
BEVERAGES: Glacéau, Smart Water;
Glacéau, Vitamin Water;
Traditional Medicinals, Organic Throat Coat Herbal Tea

UP & COMING: Nelson & Co, Bach Rescue Chewing Gum;
Ortho Molecular Products, Natural D-Hist;
Ultimaxx, Levare Pain Relief


The Green Market, Lisbon, CT (1,500 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: NOW Foods, Full Line;
Nature’s Plus, Cal/Mag/Vit D3 with Vitamin K2 Tablets;
Irwin Naturals, Multivitamins

FOOD: Udi’s Gluten Free Foods, Gluten-Free Bread;
Canyon Bakehouse, San Juan 7-Grain Gluten-Free Bread;
Against The Grain Gourmet, Gluten-Free Products

HBC: derma e Natural Bodycare, Full Line;
Canus Goat’s Milk Skin Care Products, Goat’s Milk Soap;
Crystal Deodorants

BEVERAGES: Raw Kombucha;
Coconut Water;
Zevia, Soda

UP & COMING: Spelt Products;
Daiya Foods, Dairy-Free Cheeses;
thinkThin, Bars


Nature’s Health Shoppe, Opelousas, LA

SUPPLEMENTS: Pines International, Wheat Grass;
Enzymatic Therapy, Cherry Fruit Extract;
BioMed Health, Advanced Women’s Bao Shi Restorative Hair Nutrients

FOOD: Ener-G Foods, White Rice Loaf;
Food For Life Baking Co., Ezekiel 4:9 Bread;
Namaste Foods, Pizza Crust Mix

HBC: Mill Creek Botanicals, Keratin Shampoo;
Desert Essence, Blemish Touch Stick;
Thursday Plantation, Tea Tree Organic Soap

BEVERAGES: Reed’s, Ginger Brew;
Hansen Beverage Company, Diet Creamy Root Beer;
Celsius, Sparkling Orange

UP & COMING: Flora, Flor•Essence;
Nature’s Way Products,
Alive! Once Daily Multi-Vitamin;
Two Old Goats, Arthritis & Fibromyalgia
Essential Lotion 


Wealth of Health, Idaho Falls, ID (4,000 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: Nature’s Way Products, Alive! Multi-Vitamin;
Nature’s Way Products, EfaGold Krill Oil;
Wakunaga of America, Kyolic Formula 109

FOOD: Udi’s Gluten Free Foods, Bread;
Rudi’s Organic Bakery, Bread;
Blue Diamond Growers, Nut-Thins

HBC: CamoCare Organics, Under-Eye Therapy;
MyChelle Dermaceuticals, Full Line;
Good Health Natural Products, South of France Bar Soaps

BEVERAGES: Zevia, Soda;
Reed’s, Ginger Brew;
Millenium Products, GT’s Kombucha

UP & COMING: Zevia, New Assorted Flavors;
Wakunaga of America,
Kyolic Curcumin with Bioperine;
D-Ribose Powder


Vitamins Plus #200, Longview, TX (7,140 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: Country Life, Superior B-12;
WellGenix/Heaven Sent Naturals, Purvana;
Twinlab Corporation, Daily One Caps

FOOD: Andrew & Everett, Pepper Jack Bulk Cheese;
Walden Farms, Calorie-Free Caramel Dip;
Tropical Valley Foods, Next Organics Dark Chocolate Coconut

HBC: Sappo Hill Soapworks, Oatmeal Soap;
Mill Creek Botanicals, Jojoba Conditioner;
MiraCell, Skin Relief & Support

BEVERAGES: Flav, Fruit-Flavored Aerated Water (Apple);
Eternal New Zealand, Artesian Water;
Naked Juice Company, Pure Naked 100% Coconut Water

UP & COMING: Health And Wisdom, Magnesium Oil;
Nature’s Plus, Spiru-Tein Whey Shake (Chocolate);
Redmond Trading Co., Redmond Clay


Country Village Nutriton Shoppe, Longview, WA (6,000 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: Natural Factors, PGX Daily;
Re·Body, SafSlim Belly Fat Transformer;
Life Extension Foundation, Forskolin

FOOD: Beanfields, Bean & Rice Chips;
Napa Valley Trading Co., Expeller Pressed Oils;
thinkThin, Bars

HBC: Sibu Beauty, Sea Buckthorn (liquid/soft gel);
Desert Essence, Coconut Lime Hand and Body Lotion;
Nubian Heritage, Soap

BEVERAGES: Mamma Chia, Organic Mamma Chia Beverages;
Numi, Pu·erh Tea;
KeVita, Probiotic Drinks

UP & COMING: Dr. Bronner’s, Coconut Oil;
Sequel Naturals, SaviSeed;
Quality of Life Labs, AHCC


Published in WholeFoods Magazine, September 2011