What’s Selling September 2021

Shopping basket with variety of grocery products isolated on white background. 3d illustration


Milk’n Honey Health Foods, Wauwatosa, WI (1,000 ft²)

SUPPLEMENTS: Terry Naturally, Curamin Extra Strength;
NOW Foods, Vitamin D;
Nature’s Plus, Collagen Powder

FOOD: Bragg, Apple Cider Vinegar;
Kallas, Raw Honey;
NOW Foods, Ginger Slices

BEVERAGES: Penta, Water;
King Orchards, Montmorency Cherry Juice

HABA: Pharm Aloe, Aloe Vera Gel;
Dr. Bronner’s, Pure Castile Soap;
NOW Foods, Essential Oils

UP & COMING: Terry Naturally, Andrographis;
New Chapter, Probiotic All-Flora;
Terry Naturally, ViraPro


Health Matters, Amesbury, MA (1,000 ft²) 

SUPPLEMENTS: New Chapter, Wholemega;
Jarrow Formulas, Vitamin D3 5000IU;
Rogue Herbalist, Whole Plant CBD Extract 1500mg

FOOD: Lesser Evil Foods, No Cheese Cheesiness Popcorn;
Mom’s Organic Munchies, On The Go Goji/Pistachio;
OHi, Wholesome Bars

BEVERAGES: Tourmaline Spring, Water;
Aqua ViTea Kombucha, Ginger Flavor;
Goldthread, Mint Condition

HABA: Dr. Hauschka, Full Line;
Weleda, Full Line;
Grateful Body, Skin Care Line

UP & COMING: Vermont Hemp Health, CBD Oil;
Truvani, Protein;
Munk Pack, Keto Granola Snack Bars


Get Healthy, Brooksville, FL (1,000 ft²) 

SUPPLEMENTS: Terry Naturally, Curamin Extra Strength;
Ancient Nutrition, Multi Collagen Peptides Plain;
Bluebonnet Nutrition, Chelated Magnesium

FOOD: Redwood Hill, Goat Milk Yogurt;
Sami’s Bakery, 7 Grain Low Carb Bread;
Catalina Crunch, Keto Cereals

BEVERAGES: OWYN, Plant-Based Vegan Protein Drinks;
Irwin Naturals, CBD Infused Beverages;
The BU, Kombucha

HABA: Thai Natural Crystal, Deodorant;
Andalou Naturals, Age Defying Skincare Line;
Spry, Xylitol Toothpaste

UP & COMING: JOJO’S, Guilt Free Chocolate;
UPLIFT, Gut Happy Cookies


Wealth of Health, Idaho Falls, ID (6,000 ft²)

SUPPLEMENTS: Terry Naturally, Curamin Extra Strength;
Terry Naturally, CuraMed;
Zand, Elderberry Gummies

FOOD: Katz, GF Donuts;
Bob’s Red Mill, Full Line;
Pamela’s Products, Full Line

BEVERAGES: Zevia, Full Line;
Kevita Kombucha, Full Line;
Lifeaid, Full Line

HABA: Derma E, Full Line;
Andalou Naturals, Full Line;
Earth Science, Ceramide Skin Lotion

UP & COMING: Solaray, Microbiome Children;
Terry Naturally, Red Ginseng;
Charlotte’s Web, CBD Chews For Pets


Healthy Me Health Foods, South Ogden, UT (1,500 ft²)

SUPPLEMENTS: Bluebonnet Nutrition, Chelated Buffered Magnesium;
Garden of Life, Mykind Plant Calcium;
Thrive, Probiotic

FOOD: Caulipower, Pizza Crusts;
Maple Nut Kitchen, Paleo Granola;
Follow Your Heart, Veganaise

BEVERAGES: Wonder Drink, Kombucha;
Taste Nirvana, Coconut Water

HABA: Mychelle, Tinted SPF;
T and J, Soaps;
NOW Foods, Coconut Oil

UP & COMING: All Brands, Manuka Honey;
All Brands, Liposomal C;
Wildebrine Products, Fermented Product Line


Evergreen Nutrition, Eugene, OR (1,900 ft²)

SUPPLEMENTS: Evergreen Nutrition, N-Acetyl Cysteine 600mg;
Solaray, Magnesium Glycinate;
Natural Factors, Vitamin D3 5000IU

HABA: Ultra Aesthetics, MSM Moisture Cream;
Keys Metacare, Healing Lotion;
Hyalogic Episilk, Hand & Body Lotion

UP & COMING: Terry Naturally, Melatonin EP120 10mg;
Mad Hippie, Hydrating Facial SPF 25+;
Vital Planet, Hemp Dog

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