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Company Description
Pure Essence is a privately owned and operated company with multi award-winning organic, non-GMO, whole food-based supplements combining the ancient wisdom of holistic health with modern science. Every ingredient is lab tested for 100% purity and potency with GMP-compliant standards.

One ‘n’ Only — Highest Whole Food Value: multivitamins packed with up to the equivalent of 23,000 mg of superfoods, adaptogens and superior herbs.

Magnesium PLUS
• ­­Full dose ionic magnesium powder PLUS vital supporting nutrients
• Delicious and highly absorbed beverage powder mix
• 3rd party certified C.L.E.A.N. and R.A.W.

MyPure — The REAL Mushroom Advantage
• 100% whole mushroom fruiting body — NOT mycelia powder
• 100% Non-GMO & certified organic
• 25%- 50% Beta-(1,3) (1,6)-D-glucans
• 3rd party certified C.L.E.A.N. and R.A.W.

Real-Zymes — finally, personalized enzymes for foods YOU eat!
• NEXTY Award WINNER — Best New Supplement 2019

Candex — 20 years top-selling yeast management supplement.
• Feel better within 10 days — guaranteed!

More Health-Specific Formulas Include:
Transitions & ProFema — fast-menopausal relief.
AllerFree — Non-drowsy, enzyme-based natural allergy relief.
BrainEssence — Brain booster- focus, alertness, memory & clarity.
Joint Essence — A clinically effective natural joint support system.
LiverEssence — Supporting healthy liver function, detoxifies and cleanses.
VisionEssence — Eye health with lutein, zeaxanthin, Vit. C with a potent herbal blend.
ProstateEssence — Calms prostate inflammation and supports urinary health.
PureBiotics — Probiotic formulas featuring between 12-15 strains ranging from 30-100 billion cultures.
Mother & Child and Mother To Be are complete whole food based multivitamins with added pre or postnatal nutrition.

Contact Us:

Pure Essence
Las Vegas, NV
(888) 254-8000
Founded: 1998

Key Personnel
Jery Cochern — Owner
Kenny Wagner — Sales


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