Bear Grylls Has Joined GOODFISH

Los Angeles, CA—Bear Grylls has joined Justin Guilbert, Douglas Riboud, and Errol Schweizer at GOODFISH, which manufactures Wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon skin chips. The Emmy-award nominee and star of National Geographic’s “Running Wild with Bear Grylls” and Discovery Channel’s “Man vs. Wild” will help the brand spread education and awareness of preserving the ocean’s vital fisheries and ecosystems.

“What GOODFISH is doing is so desperately needed in the world of ecological, healthy snack, nutrition,” said GOODFISH co-founder Bear Gryll. “With incredible innovation for good health and great sustainability, GOODFISH is rethinking the snack and chip market, in terms of good fat and protein sources, and contributing to making the fishing industry much more environmentally friendly. It’s a genius pioneering endeavor with such huge potential and they taste amazing.”

The brand states that it and Grylls share the same beliefs: that understanding and connecting with the planet’s global food systems is critical to preserving the ecosystem. This mutual ambition is fueling the partnership with a foundation of ethos, not economics, and a mission to grow fast, strong, and with integrity to deliver on the mission, the company says.

“We believe that integrating thriving sustainable wild fisheries within the surging functional snack industry is mission-critical, from better nutrition to scaled conservation. Having Bear by our side significantly amplifies and strengthens our growth, which means our impact,” said GOODFISH Co-founder Douglas Riboud. “Together we are pioneering a modern generation of seafood products aligned with the lifestyle, values, and culture of today’s consumer.”

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