Hain Helps Community Impacted by Wildfires


Boulder, CO—The Hain Celestial Group, Inc., is giving back to the community of Boulder, Colorado, through donations of products from several brands, after the area was impacted by recent wildfires.

The company’s mainstay brand, Celestial Seasonings, is based in Boulder. Celestial Seasonings products will be donated, as will products from brands including Live Clean, Alba Botanica, Avalon Organics, and JASON.

The company has also joined the WE GOT THIS project, a coalition of Colorado-based brands looking to offer support to families in the area by providing care packages. The project was founded by Fortnight Collective and Conscious Alliance, a national nonprofit devoted to providing healthy food to communities in need.

“Our hearts and minds are with those navigating all aspects of the Colorado fires, as well as those in the Boulder community that have been a part of the Celestial Seasonings families for 50 years,” said JoAnn Murray, Chief Human Resources Officer at Hain Celestial. “From the beginning, we have believed that our business is a force for good, and we hope this gift can provide some much-needed relief and support for our cherished neighbors in a time of need.”

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Employees globally also have access to the “Hain Helping Hain” program, which, with contributions from the company, provides support and resources. the company is providing support and resources to those facing financial hardship.

To learn more about the WE GOT THIS campaign, or to contribute, visit WeGotThisColorado.com or email help@wegotthiscolorado.com

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