Koios Enters Distribution Agreement with UNFI

Denver and Vancouver, British Columbia—Koios Beverage Corp. has entered into a distribution agreement with United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI), according to a press release.

Under the agreement, UNFI will carry KOIOS and Fit Soda functional beverages in the United States. In the press release, Koios states that “the company is confident that its recent distribution with UNFI can be instrumental to scaling Koios’ sales pipeline and brand presence in the United States.” UNFI will begin exploring potential placements for Koios’ beverages in its distribution network to prompt trials of the product, and ensure a steady supply to encourage and facilitate repeat purchases.

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Koios Chief Executive Officer Chris Miller commented in the press release: “In our efforts to make KOIOS and Fit Soda nationally recognized and sought-after beverage products, the support of national-level distribution partners such as UNFI is very important when it comes to gaining access to key sales channels. While we could pursue those connections ourselves, forming such relationships can take several years even in the very best of cases. We therefore choose to focus our efforts on our core competencies of developing, manufacturing, and marketing leading all-natural functional beverage products, and defer to highly respected experts such as UNFI to oversee distribution. We look forward to working with UNFI to potentially grow the presence of Koios Beverages through its network across the United States.”