Olive Oil Producer Invests in Sustainability

Bono’s olive groves in the Val di Mazara region of Sicily. Image courtesy of Bono.

Fairfield, NJ—Bono, a producer of extra virgin olive oil in Sicily, is executing a plan to add energy efficiencies and conserve water as it scales up production to meet demand, according to a press release.

Guarding against potential water shortages in Sicily, Bono has invested in a new centrifuge which will dramatically cut down on water use, the release says, while removing one step out of the three-step EVOO production process. The centrifuge will save an estimated 1 million liters of water per year and yield an even better-quality oil, and will be used in the fall 2020 harvest.

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Looking at its warehouses, Bono is switching to solar power. The Sicilian facility Bono is using can produce a total of 320,000 kW/h annually; Bono’s two warehouses consume a total of 190,000 kW/h. Bono will sell the rest of the unused energy.

The company said in the release: “Converting to more sustainable practices was never a question at Bono. We’re proud to be a part of the green economy and will continue looking to the future for more sustainable development practices. Bono has been in business for almost a century now, and we dream of a world sustainable enough to continue our business for decades to come.”