Sprouts Campaigns to Raise $400,000 for Vitamin Angels

Santa Barbara, CA—Sprouts Farmers Market is hosting a nationwide in-store campaign throughout the month of August to benefit Vitamin Angels, according to a press release. Since 2013, Sprouts has helped over 8 million children gain access to essential vitamins and minerals. This month’s campaign goal is to raise over $400,000, increasing their reach to more than 10 million children.

A portion of the proceeds from over 150 Sprouts vendors will be donated to Vitamin Angels. Participating products will be highlighted throughout stores. For a full list of participating vendors, go here.

Lyndsey Waugh, executive director of the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation, said in the release: “The Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation proudly supports Vitamin Angels in the U.S. and around the world as part of our commitment to children’s health. The generous support of our vendors and guests allows us to meaningfully impact the lives of more children each year and drive lasting change in the health of communities worldwide.”

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Howard Schiffer, president and founder of Vitamin Angels, said: “We are honored to partner with an incredible company that truly cares about the health and wellbeing of children around the world. In just six years, Sprouts has changed the lives of almost 10 million children. That’s something worth celebrating. Thank you to Sprouts, their vendors and customers whom all have made a significant impact in the fight against childhood malnutrition.”

The August campaign will be followed by a ‘round-up’ campaign taking place for 1 week in October, during which customers will have the opportunity to round up their total purchase to the nearest dollar to benefit Vitamin Angels.