Ingredient Reduces Urination Frequency in Study

North Bergen, NJ—Frutarom Health, based here, announced the results of a clinical study in which the effects of its Go-Less ingredient helped to improve the quality of life in women.

Published in the Journal of Functional Foods, the study included 120 women, aged between 35 and 70 years, suffering from overactive bladder-related voiding dysfunction. Patricia Maureira, product manager of LifeLine within the company, states, “Urgency is one of the biggest inconvenience conditions, in practice, for people suffering from incontinence.”

In the clinical study, 60 women took 500 mg of Go-Less twice a day during a 12-week period; the remaining 60 participants took a placebo. Throughout the study, an average frequency of nocturia was measured, showing a notable decrease of about 30%. After week 12, participants had a significant decrease in daily urination frequency. There was also a substantial decrease in the average urgency score within the Go-Less group. A survey was conducted at the end of the clinical study, where more than 90% of the subjects in the Go-Less group found the product helpful and answered affirmatively when asked if they would like to continue taking the product. This compares to about 50% in the placebo group.

Go-Less is a proprietary blend of a water-soluble pumpkin seed extract (EFLA 940) and the soy germ extract, SoyLife. The ingredient can be used in capsules, tablets, and powdered beverages, which opens up a broad range of application possibilities. According to Maureira, Go-Less is “a valuable ingredient, with highly attractive positioning opportunities in the growing market.”

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, July 2014