Kraft Being Sued For Misleading “Natural” Label

San Francisco, CA—While several companies are involving in moving to move “natural” products, Kraft Foods Group has become the latest in the trend of lawsuits involving this gray area, according to the court documents.

Yuri Osborne, from Contra Costa County, CA, filed a lawsuit on June 12 claiming that that the Capri Sun juices, made by Kraft, contain artificial ingredients when the label says “natural flavor.” The flavors involved include apple, berry, fruit punch and grape.

“Simply put, the products are not ‘all natural’ because they contain unnatural ingredients,” the lawsuit says. The documents also alleged that the company was attempting to mislead customers into believing that their products were healthier than they really were.

According to the documents, the goal of the lawsuit is to seek class status for customers of the product within the past four years. Osborne is also seeking more than $5 million in damages and legal fees.

Kraft was unable to comment on the issue.

Posted on 6/25/2015