Galora Fosters Homegrown Food Sharing

Los Angeles, CA—Recently launched Galora, a crop sharing program, provides communities with the opportunity to engage with their local community to exchange fruits, vegetables, plants, home-brews, handmade goods, wines, and herbs. The founder of the free service, Ryan Xavier, describes Galora as “a unique solution to put people into contact with each other’s backyard crops. So anything that’s homegrown or homemade can be exchanged for free amongst neighbors.” The service works using geolocation, which allows users of the program to explore their neighborhood for local goods, and also allows growers and makers to exchange, trade, or just get some extra produce from the garden off of their hands. Learn more about the Galora community here.

Image courtesy of Galora.

The service is already doing well at less than a month after launch. “It’s been really a labor of love, and I’m getting so much positive feedback that I just had to keep going,” Xavier shares. 

Image courtesy of Galora.

The site also features a 100% user-written educational blog that focuses on a number of topics in urban gardening, providing the site’s users with the opportunity to inform the Galora community, as well as drive members of their community to share listings. 

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