In Memoriam: Stephen Edward Lipscomb

Stephen Edward Lipscomb passed away on August 22, 2021, at the age of 70. Loved ones shared the news of his passing and remembered his many joys and accomplishments in an obituary, while industry colleagues shared memories of Stephen on LinkedIn.

Stephen’s career took him from coast to coast, working in sales and advertising. His work in the natural products industry included the launch of Nutraceuticals World, published by Rodman Media. He held the position of Associate Publisher for the title, working with Rodman for 21 years until his retirement in January 2020.

His loved ones, including wife Nina (Sonia Maria née Kurowski) Lipscomb, daughter Patricia Catherine Lipscomb, and many family friends, and colleagues, paid tribute at a service in New Jersey earlier this year. Donations can be made in his honor at the Parkinson’s Foundation.