INHABITANTS: An Indigenous Perspective Documentary Shares Wisdom Amid Climate Crisis

The documentary INHABITANTS: An Indigenous Perspective is co-directed by Costa Boutsikaris and Anna Palmer. Image courtesy of INHABIT Films.

A new climate preservation documentary is raising awareness about the climate crisis. INHABITANTS: An Indigenous Perspective follows five Native American tribes as they adapt to today’s climate crisis by restoring their ancient relationships with the land. A press release from INHABIT Films points out that Native Americans had successfully stewarded and shaped their landscapes for millennia, but centuries of colonization disrupted their ability to maintain their traditional land management practices. The film weaves together histories of colonization with the modern resurgence of Native leadership, educating on America’s troubled past and hopeful future. “Ultimately,” the release notes, “the documentary is a platform to empower Native communities to share their wisdom and expand their influence in decision making about how to steward these lands.”

The five stories in the film include:

  • Sustaining traditions of Hopi dryland farming in Arizona.
  • Restoring buffalo to the Blackfeet reservation in Montana.
  • Maintaining sustainable forestry on the Menominee reservation in Wisconsin.
  • Reviving native food forests in Hawaii.
  • Returning prescribed fire to the landscape by the Karuk Tribe of California.

The film recently won the Audience Award at the DC Environmental Film Festival, and aims to open eyes to the urgent needs for people and the planet. “As the climate crisis escalates, these time-tested practices of North America’s original inhabitants are becoming increasingly essential in a rapidly changing world.”

The documentary is collaborative project made in conjunction with the INHABIT Films Production Company, a Tribal Advisory Board, the Kalliopeia Foundation, the Namaste Foundation and the Social Good Fund.

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