Enzymedica Welcomes New Chief Science Officer

Venice FL. — Dr. Michael Murray has joined Enzymedica, Inc. as chief science officer. Dr. Murray is the author of over 30 books featuring natural approaches to health and was recently named “The Voice of Natural Medicine” by Nutrition Business Journal.

Dr. Murray’s experience will be critical in product research and development for Enzymedica. In addition, Dr. Murray will be working closely with Roskamp Institute, Sarasota, FL to research brain health, the human microbiome, and digestion. Roskamp is renowned for their research on Alzheimer’s disease, Gulf War Illness, and other diseases.

Together, the two companies have the resources to provide innovative, science-based natural products furthering their contribution to digestive health.

“Dr. Murray is a true icon in the natural health movement and brings tremendous credibility, experience, and passion to our company,” said Scott Sensenbrenner, CEO, Enzymedica, in a press release. Dr. Murray will be critical to driving new innovations in product development for Enzymedica, as well as leading research efforts to create next generation formulas that will be groundbreaking for the industry. Sensenbrenner, also serves on the Board of Directors of the Roskamp Institute.

Sensenbrenner and Dr. Murray previously worked together in the 1990s at Enzymatic Therapy, which was later acquired by the German company Dr. Wilmarr Schwabe Pharmaceuticals.

“I am thrilled to be part of the team at both Enzymedica and the Rosskamp Institute. It is a dream come true,” said Dr. Murray.