Gelymar Makes AIDP Its Distributor Partner in North America for Carrageenan Products

City of Industry, CA—Gelymar has announced that it has appointed AIDP as its distributor partner in North America for its carrageenan products, according to a press release AIDP made today.

Gelymar produces and commercializes hydrocolloids, specializing in offering texturizing solutions for the food, personal care, and pharmaceutical industries.

Carageenan is used in food manufacturing to improve texture, stability, mouth feel, suspension, smoothness, thickening, and gelling. Gelymar’s carrageenan products are sustainably sourced from cold-water seaweed, and are vegan and gluten-free.

“As our customers continue to ask for cutting edge solutions for food manufacturing challenges,” says Mark Thurston, president of AIDP, “We’re thrilled to enter into this agreement with Gelymar, which has a great range of products and complements our Alginate seaweed products from Algaia. Our companies are aligned in our commitment to provide only the highest quality, scientifically proven ingredients for our customers.”