Gudpod Granted Further Patents

Newburgh, NY—Güdpod announced today that it will be granted its fifth and sixth U.S. utility patents and its first U.S. design patent on the technology in its “blender in a pod.”

Gian-Carlo Ochoa, founder and executive chairman of Güdpod Corp., said that “From the beginning, we invested in developing and protecting our intellectual property because we knew what we had was special and that it would invite replication.” He says that the company intends to defend their existing IP while investing in ongoing development, so as to stay ahead of the competition.

They are en route to obtaining yet another patent for its partitioned sub-cavities, each of which can contain a different material, so as to make multi-ingredient drinks.

Güdpod is similar in concept to coffee systems with brewer-pods, except that it has blades in the pod. When used with a Güdpod machine, the pod descends and opens, releasing the ingredients into a liquid. The blades then mix the ingredients in under a minute. The pods can hold up to 35g of powder, and can work with gels and concentrates.

Güdpod says that this takes the mess out of making nutritional beverages; there are no blades, blenders, or gaskets to clean.

The pods are 100% recyclable.