It Worked For Me: Product Rating System

Ocean Township, NJ— With a consumer base becoming more and more cognizant of sustainability and ethics when it comes to foods, retailers may find themselves struggling to find a way to communicate those values. Dean’s Natural Food Market has partnered with HowGood to come up with a unique way to get this point across in their store: a rating system that appears right next to the pricing label on the shelf. The HowGood system has three levels: Good, Very Good and Great. These ratings are determined with a system of over 60 indicators including processing methods, carbon footprint, corporate ethics, and treatment of animals.

According to Cristina Kocsis, marketing at Dean’s, the decision to implement a rating system came from thinking about their customers, who she says are always “looking for knowledge, interaction and education,” as well as staying up-to-date on the industry’s issues  When HowGood approached them about a potential partnership, it seemed like a natural fit. As Kocsis explains, “HowGood’s rating system provides a way to make supporting companies who are aligned with our collective values easier.” Since they first introduced the system in their store, several other stores around the country have followed suit. With HowGood’s ratings database constantly being updated, Kocsis notes that the depth of information and inquiries these ratings provide is “invaluable.” Consumer interest in this new system is high also. Following an email newsletter about the HowGood system coming to Dean’s, more people came to the company website to learn more than from any other informational link.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, March 2015(online 1/23/15)