The Natural View: Retailers Discuss WholeFoods 2021 Retailer Survey

WholeFoods Editor-in-Chief Maggie Jaqua, Todd Pauli of 24 Stories Marketing, and Jay Jacobowitz, President of Retail Insights ®, sit down with natural products retailers to discuss WholeFoods 2021 43rd Annual Retailer Survey and Retail Insights® 2021 Retail Universe for Premium Natural Organic Food, Supplement & Personal Care Sales.

Hear what retailers have to say about navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and how the data from these surveys help them fine-tune their business plan. And for more on the survey findings, as well as an opportunity to get your questions answered, join Jay and Maggie on May 19 at 2pm EST for a live webinar, sponsored by Nutrasource. Register here.

Our special guests on this episode of The Natural View:

Steve Lankford, Founder of Family Nutrition Center in Green Bay, WI, as well as host of
Paul Flynn, owner of Hampton Natural Foods in Hampton NH for the past 15 years and Sunflower Natural Foods in Laconia for the past 6 years.