Citicoline Supports Memory Function

New York, NY—The journal Clinical Interventions in Aging published data from an open Italian study called IDEALE that suggests supplemental citicoline (1,000 mg daily, as Cognizin from Kyowa Hakko, based here) helps older individual with minor cognitive impairment.

Some 349 people averaging 80-years-old who complained of memory problems participated in the study, including an 84-person control group; those with probable Alzheimer’s were excluded. Everyone underwent brain MRIs and their blood levels of vitamin B12, folate and thyroid hormones were recorded. In addition, their mood, daily living, any behavioral disorders and comorbidity were assessed at baseline, three months and nine months. The supplement group took oral citicoline 500 mg twice a day throughout the study.

Overall, mental state remained steady in the supplement group (whereas the control group’s mental state declined), and the citicoline patients scored better on depression tests. Stated the research team, “Citicoline activates biosynthesis of phospholipids in neuronal membranes, increases brain metabolism as well as norepinephrine and dopamine levels in the central nervous system, and has neuroprotective effects during hypoxia and ischemia. Therefore, citicoline may be recommended for patients with mild vascular cognitive impairment.”

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, June 2013 (online 4/25/13)