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How Your Three Brains Influence Mental Health & Identity

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Brain-related conditions cross all levels of society and one in five North Americans suffer from a diagnosable mental health disorder at any given time. Young people, under 20 years of age, have the highest rate of depression. The focus for research on mental health has been primarily on neurotransmitters in the brain. But, what if there were three brains all influencing our state of mental and emotional well-being and overall health? New research suggests that there are actually three brains: the heart, the gut, and the brain.

The Gut-Brain Axis: Studies indicate that the gut microbiota affect brain function and behavior, and play a role in many mental health and neurological disorders.
Heart-Brain Axis: New discoveries have shown that messages the heart sends the brain affect our perceptions, mental processes, and feelings in profound ways.
Gut-Heart Axis: New research indicates that the gut microbiota imbalance called small intestine bacteria overgrowth (SIBO) contributes to and is an independent risk factor for CAD.

All three brains communicate with the other brains and also act independently.

Listen to Your Three Brains
It is also important when making decisions in your life to listen to what each of the three brains is telling you: the brain is the analytical center and applies logic; the gut is the center of instinct — that “gut feeling”; the heart perceives the world through emotions and feelings — “follow your heart.” Too often in today’s world we listen only to the analytical brain.
There is accumulating evidence showing that nutrients from whole foods and supplements are effective ways to help counteract neurological and cognitive disorders associated with three-brain imbalances. This is good news considering the increasing number of people being diagnosed with mental health disorders.

Key Supplements for Your Three Brains
Phosphatidylserine (PS) is an important phospholipid that can promote mood and memory ability and protect from age-related memory decline. PS also helps regulate the stress hormone cortisol.

Curcumin, the curcuminoid in turmeric with the greatest biological benefit, is a potent antioxidant and can help support a healthy inflammatory response in the three brains. Inflammation is one of the main factors in cardiovascular and intestinal disorders, as well as some mental health conditions.

Omega-3 fatty acids are involved in the synthesis of neurotransmitters. They are highly concentrated in the brain and deficiencies have been linked to memory and cognitive problems. Fish oils also support a healthy inflammatory response in the three brains.

Grapeseed extract contains proanthocyanidin complexes, which are powerful anti­oxidants that destroy free radicals. Free radicals damage DNA and cause cell degeneration and death. This contributes to aging, as well as to the development of gut disorders. Antioxidants are very important for the health of the three brains.

Probiotics. New research shows that gut bacteria influence the brain, heart and gut and imbalances are associated with a number of different disorders including cardiovascular and mental health disorders, as well as most common gut disorders. Hippocrates said in 460 BC, “All disease begins in the gut.”

Introducing 3 Brains Total™!
Rather than purchasing each of the above-mentioned products, Natural Factors offers a comprehensive “kit” that includes the most essential supplements for brain health in convenient daily packets. 3 Brains Total includes phosphatidylserine, curcumin, omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, grapeseed extract, and key probiotic strains. 3 Brains Total is the foundation for nutritional support for the three brains.

The Three Brains Influence Mental Health & Identity
The effects of any brain disorder are devastating for the individual, as well as their loved ones. All chronic diseases cause pain and suffering in different ways, but brain disorders are the only conditions that affect the core of who a person is — the very essence of their being. Who are we if we lose our identity?

The 3 Brains™ products are very important and offer support for common mental health disorders affecting people in our world today, such as depression, insomnia, learning and cognitive problems.

The 3 Brains product line includes 3 Brains Total™ Higher Thoughts™, Mental Sunshine™, The Best-Sleep™ and Serene Mind™.

For more information on the three brains and a list of references, check out my new book Three Brains: How the Heart, Brain, and Gut Influence Mental Health and Identity.

Dr. Jensen graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in Ontario in 1988. She is a well-known lecturer and has appeared regularly on television and radio stations. She has also written extensively for health magazines and is the author of 6 books including her most recent, Three Brains: How the Heart, Brain and Gut Influence Mental Health and Identity. After 25 years in clinical practice Dr. Jensen retired but continues to write and lecture on the naturopathic approach to wellness. Dr. Jensen also lectures on behalf of Natural Factors.