Cargill Launches BeefUp Sustainability Initiative

Wayzata, MN—Cargill is launching BeefUp Sustainability, an initiative that will help it achieve a 30% greenhouse gas intensity reduction across its North American beef supply chain by 2030.

The opt-in initiative is designed to engage a diverse set of stakeholders including producers, customers, and innovators, according to a press release. It will focus on grazing management, feed production, innovation, and food waste reduction.

The 30% reduction builds on existing greenhouse gas efficiency efforts and will equate to removing 2 million cars from U.S. highways for a year, the press release notes.

Cargill will expand its partnership with The Nature Conservancy (TNC), and the two will work with farmers and ranchers over the next three years to demonstrate how grazing management planning and adaptive management improves sustainability outcomes related to soil, carbon storage, vegetation, wildlife habitat, water, and other ecological parameters.

Cargill is also sponsoring the Yield Lab Institute’s Manure Innovation Challenge as another early step. The challenge will connect start-ups and companies to create solutions that capture the value from manure-based nutrients, fiber and energy, bringing them to market while creating on-farm profitability.

“This initiative builds on the strong environmental stewardship work already led by farmers and ranchers,” said Jon Nash, who leads Cargill’s North American protein business. “Cargill is creating connections across the entire North American beef supply chain. Together, we can expand current sustainable agricultural practices to make a meaningful difference.”