Green & Gold Macadamias Invests in Macadamia Innovation

Green & Gold Macadamias announced in a press release that they will invest in a program to inspire innovation in how macadamias are used in all levels of the supply chain process.

The release points to the Planetary Health Diet, created by the EAT-Lancet commission, which found that 40% of a person’s daily protein intake should come from nuts. And, according to the release, macadamia supply is increasing, providing greater opportunities for manufacturers looking to incorporate nuts into their products.

The first phase of the initiative tested macadamias as a diary alternative for mushroom soup, mango smoothies and yogurt, according to the release, using a new product development laboratory and kitchen. Focus groups used to test the products found that participants could not tell, from either a taste or a texture perspective, whether macadamia or milk was used for the soup or the smoothie. The yogurt, however, did taste like macadamia—which, for some participants, was a plus.

Brian Loader, CEO of Green & Gold Macadamias, said in the release: “The G&G team is infinitely buoyed by what this initial foray into how the future looks for how macadamias are consumed. Increases in supply means the industry will no longer play second fiddle to the larger nut counterparts in this sector.”