Horphag Research Launches Robuvit


Hoboken, NJ—Horphag Research, supplier of Pycnogenol, announced that it has a new ingredient available to U.S. manufacturers.

The standardized French oak wood extract called Robuvit is produced on a dedicated production line in France and supports vitality, energy and detoxification.

“The research around Robuvit casts this French oak extract as a credible natural caffeine alternative for consumers who are seeking to overcome general fatigue and increase everyday energy,” said health and nutrition expert and author Fred Pescatore M.D. “It’s also an emerging option as a natural energy booster for sports and athletic performance.”

According to information from the company, two clinical studies found Robuvit helped reduce chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms. “Patients also experienced less fatigue and higher energy and reported improved mood after supplementing with Robuvit.  No side effects were observed during supplementation with Robuvit during the studies,” the company says.

The ingredient also has research support for benefiting athletic performance and recovery time.

According to Horphag Research, a national education campaign for Robuvit is scheduled to be launched.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine Online (6/22/16)