Patent Granted to Cognitive Performance Ingredient

Greater Galangal (Alpinia galanga) plant is a pungent rhizome in the ginger family, and a classic ingredient in Thai cooking. It is also a perennial herb with showy flowers and beautiful foliage.

Mumbai, India, and Morristown, NJ—Enovate Biolife and OmniActive Health Technologies have announced that enXtra has been granted a U.S. patent for use of the branded Alpinia galanga extract for improved cognitive performance.

Patent no. US020180221430 A1 covers enXtra for improvement of cognitive performance such as mental alertness and increased attention, a use that has been demonstrated in five clinical studies.

“While caffeine continues to lead in the nootropic space because of its experiential benefits, consumers are still constantly looking for alternatives,” added Kimberly Smith, Chief Marketing Officer at OmniActive. “Clinically backed enXtra provides a novel, natural caffeine alternative for increased alertness and sustained attention and focus. We are thrilled that this patent will allow our customers to promote these cognitive health claims for Alpinia galanga.”

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The product was also recently certified by Informed Ingredient, ensuring that the ingredient complies with World Anti-Doping Agency guidelines.

“The patent and the Informed Ingredient certification are important steps in further building enXtra’s unique position in the market,” says Amol Pathak, Director of Business & Strategy at Enovate Biolife.