Sabinsa Researcher Gives Seminar to FDA Scientists

East Windsor, NJ—Dr. Kalyanam Nagabhushanam, President, R&D, Sabinsa, presented a seminar to a group of FDA scientists as part of the CDER Botanical Drug Seminar Series, according to a press release from Sabinsa.

In the seminar, which took place at FDA’s invitation, Dr. Nagabhushanam covered curcuminoids and other nutritional ingredients. He discussed efficacy data, mechanistic considerations of pharmacological activity, metabolism, effects of nutrients on gut microbiome and vice versa, and methods employed to detect and deter intentional contamination.

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Dr. Nagabhushanam has worked with the Sami-Sabinsa group since 1999. His expertise is in organic synthesis, natural products chemistry, and screening of botanical extracts for novel pharmacological activities. He is an author/inventor in more than 100 papers/patents, the press release notes.