Weight Management Ingredient Receives Health Canada Approval

OptiBiotix Health has announced that their weight management ingredient, SlimBiome, has been approved by Health Canada.

Health Canada is responsible for regulating federal health policy in the country. After assessing SlimBiome, which contains a blend of dietary fibers and trace minerals, the government body approved it to be sold as a supplement and deemed it a Natural Health Product, according to a press release. SlimBiome also received a Natural Product Number (NPN).

SlimBiome has seen a 151% rise in product sales since the pandemic. The company credited this increase to a surge in interest on natural and sustainable products for weight management. CEO of OptiBiotix René Kamminga remarked in the press release: “The science and clinical data that supports SlimBiome has also been validated by Health Canada. Several health and nutrition claims can now be made for the ingredient, enabling our distribution partners to market effectively to both Canadian weight management brands and consumers alike. Approval from Health, combined with the results of our latest human intervention study that showed a significant reduction in body weight, further demonstrates that SlimBiome delivers science-based differentiation to the weight management market.”

Health Canada has allowed SlimBiome to state the following about their product:

  • It can help provide a feeling of fullness;
  • Help maintain normal blood glucose levels;
  • Support a healthy glucose metabolism;
  • Help lower cholesterol levels;
  • Aid in preventing chromium deficiency;
  • When paired with a reduced-calorie diet, it can help manage a healthy lifestyle.

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The success of SlimBiome’s approval can partially be attributed to Agropur Ingredients, OptiBiotix’s distribution partner since 2019, which launched SlimBiome to the North America market in 2020.

Senior Sales Director of Agropur, Carla Fabian, said: “Health Canada approval and NPN recognition is exciting news as this allows Agropur to safely manufacture, distribute, and sell SlimBiome in the Canadian marketplace. The registration is recognized by consumers, brand owners, retailers, and professional healthcare workers like pharmacists and dietitians. Everyone can be assured that SlimBiome is safe, of high quality, and can help deliver benefits with respect to cholesterol reduction, maintaining blood glucose levels and complimenting healthy lifestyles. We, along with OptiBiotix, look forward to partnering with brand owners who are looking to add proven weight management functionality to existing products or to assist with new product development utilizing our extensive innovation resources.”

Earlier this year, SlimBiome received the Nutrition Industry Executive Award in weight management across North America.