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In their own words, companies talk about some of their milestones over the past five years.

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Aker BioMarine Antarctic US Inc.

Aker BioMarine is an industry leader dedicated to the sustainable harvest of krill and development of krill-derived products. Sustainability, traceability and clinical research represent the pillars of the business. Aker BioMarine addresses sustainability on several different fronts, including third-party research, environmental partnerships and technological developments. Aker’s Superba™ Krill is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) as being sustainable and 100% traceable. To substantiate the many health benefits and continue to prove the importance of consuming Superba™ Krill, Aker BioMarine has carried out several in-depth clinical trials and many more are planned.
Tel. (206)855-6736,,,,

Alpha Packaging

Alpha’s primary focus is manufacturing rigid plastic bottles and jars for the nutritional supplement, pharmaceutical and personal care industries. The firm also serves the food and beverage, consumer and automotive chemicals, and pet care industries. In 2013, Alpha added substantial HDPE vitamin packer capacity to the Northeastern US. Alpha’s new stock line includes more than a dozen sizes of bottles, ranging from 50cc to 950cc. It also expanded its line of PET Indented Label Large Packers designed for powdered sports nutrition products. With this full line, Alpha now offers the most complete line of sizes ranging from half-gallon to two gallons.
Tel. (314)427-4300 or (800)421-4772,,


BASS Brushes

Having served the Natural Products industry for 35 years and counting now, BASS has strived to deliver the finest quality Hair, Body, and Skin Care brushes and Accessories from all over the world. Bass Brushes is an innovative company and leads the industry in ecofriendly and new designs of brushes and body products. Since 2008, it has offered 100% Bamboo for all of its wood-handled products. BASS offers “The Green Brush.” These brushes use all bamboo for the handle and brush pins. The company packs its products in recyclable paper packaging.  
Tel. (818)882-4247,,

Best Formulations

Founded in 1984, Best Formulations celebrates its 30th Anniversary as the industry’s premier contract manufacturer of nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and OTC/RX products. The company has grown to over 400 trained technicians, chemists, machine operators, R&D personnel and other staff to manufacture softgels (including vegetarian softgels), tablets, two-piece hard shell capsules, powders and teas all in-house in a 120,000-ft2 GMP-compliant facility. The company has a full laboratory to perform most assays in-house as well. Best Formulations provides one-stop outsourcing needs from product formulation and research and development to manufacturing and full product assay and stability testing. Mission statement: “To develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our employees, customers, and business partners by providing the highest quality products and the Best customer service.”
Tel. (626)912-9998,,


Bluebonnet Nutrition Corporation

Bluebonnet manufactures its own kosher-certified natural dietary supplements using the best ingredients the earth has to offer while packaging them in recyclable amber glass bottles to best protect and preserve the nutrients and the environment. The company offers a complete line of natural vitamins, minerals, multiples, amino acids, proteins, standardized herbal extracts and specialty supplements, such as antioxidants, glucosamine, omega fatty acids, fiber/digestive aids including enzymes and probiotics, and food supplements, as well as a unique array of specialty formulas targeted to address specific structure/function applications in the body. All made without unnecessary colors, flavors, fillers, binders or excipients in delivery systems that suit individual lifestyles: caplets, mini-caplets, softgels, chewables, liquids, powders, vegetarian capsules (Vcaps®) and liquid-filled vegetarian capsules (Licaps®). (Only those Bluebonnet products bearing the KOF-K emblem are kosher-certified.)
Tel. (281)240-3332,,

Bragg Live Food Products

Bragg Health Products & Health Publishing was founded by Paul C. Bragg (originator of Health Movement in United States) and is led now by daughter Patricia Bragg. Bragg products include Organic Apple Cider Vinegar & Vinegar Drinks, Liquid Aminos, Seasonings, Olive Oils, Salad Dressings and Enzyme Supplements. Bragg best-selling health publications include: The Miracle of Fasting, Apple Cider Vinegar, Super Power Breathing and more. The Bragg name is synonymous with A Bragg Healthy Lifestyle, followed around the world. Serving health since 1912, Bragg now has over 100 years in business with a customer base that has grown into the major mainstream supermarkets across the country.
Tel. (805)968-1020,,

Eden Foods

Eden Is…A principled natural food company—organic food no longer has to be natural! The company is independently owned and operated for over 45 years. It procures only the finest food from growers and handlers it knows and trusts. Eden does everything it takes to acquire the absolute best, no shortcuts. There is full transparency—complete disclosure of ingredients and all handling. Great-tasting food that is pure and purifying. All Eden facilities rated Superior, AIB International’s highest rating.
Tel. (888)424-3336,,

Embria Health Sciences

Embria Health Sciences is dedicated to manufacturing natural, science-based ingredients that help people maintain a high quality of life to enjoy the things they love. EpiCor, Embria’s groundbreaking immune-strengthening ingredient, has seen excellent growth as a featured ingredient in trusted brands. Highlights for EpiCor include being the first immune ingredient to receive the prestigious SupplySide West Scientific Excellence Award and being awarded two Nutrition Business Journal Investment Awards. Embria will continue to be a leader within the industry and provide customers with high quality ingredients that help people live more healthy days.
Tel. (800)362-7421,,,

Florida Crystals Corporation

Florida Crystals is America’s first and only domestic producer of certified organic sugar, grown and harvested in Florida. The company also pioneered certified organic and natural rice production in the state. Florida Crystals proudly owns and operates the largest biomass power plant in North America, which recycles leftover sugarcane fiber and urban wood waste to produce eco-friendly energy that powers its sugar milling and refining operations and tens of thousands of local homes. By doing so, the facility reduces America’s need for fossil fuels and helps preserve valuable landfill space. For details on Florida Crystals’ products and environmental conservation efforts, visit
Tel. (410)783-8677,,

Frey Vineyards, Ltd

Frey Vineyards is the nation’s first organic winery founded in 1980. The award-winning wines are made without sulfites or any other additives. Located in beautiful Mendocino County in Northern California, Frey is a Biodynamic® farm, certified by Demeter USA. Farming 250 of its 1,000 acres, the remainder is preserved for wildlife. In 2013, Frey Vineyards became the first winery to achieve Non-GMO Project verification.
Tel. (800)760-3739,,  

Frutarom USA Inc.

Frutarom is a global company operating in the global flavor and fine ingredients markets. Frutarom has significant production and development centers in three continents and it markets its products in five continents to over 15,500 customers in more than 145 countries. Frutarom’s products are intended mainly for the food, beverage, flavor, fragrance, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, health food, functional food, food additives and cosmetic industries.
Tel. (201)861-9500,,

Gluten Intolerance Group

The Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO) is the world’s largest and oldest third-party gluten-free certifier with a testing standard of 10 ppm finished product. Today, the Gluten-Free Certification Organization certifies in excess of 18,000 products, from over 600 companies, across 900 separate facilities, spanning more than 20 countries, and is represented on the six major continents of the world.
Tel. (253)833-6655,,

Health Plus, Inc.

Put faith in a brand you can trust. For over 30 years Health Plus has made the top-selling digestive products that offer: gentle internal cleansing, safe and natural digestive support, and all-natural flavors and sweeteners.
Tel. (800)822-6225,

Home Health

Home Health™, a company well-recognized for developing award-winning health, beauty and therapeutic personal care formulas for the natural health food customer, recently launched evercle–n® skincare. evercle–n® is a line of face, hand and body care created specifically for the unique needs of sensitive skin, and has been clinically tested and proven to be safe. Clinically proven is not something every skincare line can say. evercle–n® can because every formula was tested for dermal irritation and sensitization, and validated to be non-irritating, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores). Vegan-friendly evercle–n® is fragrance-free, and offers “clean ingredient” alternatives while delivering department store results, naturally…all with the assurance of clinically backed sensitive skin support!
Tel. (800)645-2246,,

InterHealth Nutraceuticals

InterHealth supplies branded ingredients to dietary supplement, food and beverage, cosmetic and pet product manufacturers. The company’s success is earmarked by its unique, high-quality ingredients, thorough research program, outstanding customer service and a powerful co-branding marketing strategy that delivers relevant customer concepts and ultimately consumer products. InterHealth’s leading brands include joint health ingredient, UC-II®; weight management ingredient, Super CitriMax®; and its popular branded chromium, ChromeMate®. InterHealth was recently acquired by Kainos Capital and is expected to grow exponentially in the next few years.
Tel. (707)751-2800,,

Jarrow Formulas, Inc.

Jarrow Formulas’ mission is reflected in its motto, “Superior Nutrition and Formulation.” Since 2009, Jarrow Formulas has pursued this mission by launching over 60 new high-quality dietary supplements including Organic Whey Protein (Vanilla and Natural Flavors); Optimal Plant Proteins, a complete protein from vegetarian sources; Magnesium L-Threonate (Magtein®), a clinically studied form of magnesium that supports cognition* and brain health*; Shilajit Fulvic Acid Complex, a purified and standardized Shilajit preparation that supports energy production and enhances mitochondrial function and CoQ10 activity*; PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline quinone) 10 mg, 20 mg and with QH-Absorb, a powerful and focused antioxidant that is especially important in the mitochondria of cells; Jarro-Dophilus EPS 25 Billion, a higher potency shelf-stable probiotic with clinically documented strains; and JarroSil, a synergistic formulation of highly bioavailable silicon.
Tel. (800)726-0886,,

Kanberra Group

The Kanberra Group’s mission is to develop and deliver innovative indoor air quality solutions to the public with the ultimate goal of improving their health; to educate our part of the world on the importance and the benefits of improving the quality of air that we breathe and the impact it has on our long term health. Kanberra Group produces and distributes Kanberra Gel®, Kanberra Spray® and Kanberra Wipes®, all-natural products that clean air and surfaces, degrade mold and mildew, and neutralize odors. The gel, spray and wipes feature the antiseptic and antifungal properties of tea tree oil to provide protection against bacteria and viruses. Versatile Kanberra products are chemical-free and safe around kids and pets, and can be used virtually anywhere mold, mildew and odors are a problem—homes, automobiles, boats, sports equipment bags and more.
Tel. (800)683-0021,,

Lily of the Desert

Founded in 1971, Lily of the Desert Organic Aloeceuticals is a family-owned vertically integrated grower, processor and manufacturer of leading Aloe vera-based products. Paving the way for innovation in the Aloe vera industry, the company developed Aloesorb™, a patent-pending delivery system that is rich in naturally occurring, high molecular weight aloe polysaccharides. When Aloesorb™ is added to products, the results show: improved absorption of nutrients, additional support to a healthy immune system, enhanced antioxidant support and reduced toxic nitrate levels; making Lily’s aloe products the most efficacious on the market. The firm’s new Healthy Beverage Division will launch three new products this year that will bring a refreshing approach to how you receive the benefits of Aloe vera.
Tel. (800)229-5459,,

Lonza Inc.

Lonza is one of the world’s leading suppliers to the pharmaceutical, healthcare and life science industries. Products and services span its customers’ needs from research to final product manufacture. The Life Science Ingredients division reflects Lonza’s focus on ingredients used in Nutrition. Lonza is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. Lonza is a leading manufacturer of L-carnitine, sold under the brand name Carnipure™. DHAid™ is a concentrated and purely vegetarian source of omega-3 docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). ResistAid™ is a proprietary natural immune support ingredient made from larch trees that grow in abundance in the United States. For over 40 years, Lonza has been the leading producer of the Vitamin B3 ingredients, Niacin and Niacinamide. Lonza also offers the Memree™ brand, which covers a line of products that includes high-quality, soy-based phosphatidylserine (PS).
Tel. (800)365-8324,,

Lykovouno Olive Oil Co.

Lykovouno Olive Oil is a single family-owned business that started in 1985 when Dr. Peter Panagotacos of San Francisco planted 4,000 olive trees at his ancestral village in Greece with the help of his cousin, Petros. The oil is a Koroneiki single varietal, on a single estate, harvested by hand and bottled by hand by a single family with the result of excellent organoleptic qualities of fresh fruit-of-the-olive taste and aroma with hints of fruit, pepper and grass. The firm’s motto is “From our family’s trees to your family’s table.” It has been certified Organic since 2009 and has won medals at the LA Co Fair: Gold in 2009 and Bronze in 2012.
Tel. (415)922-1810,,

Mushroom Wisdom, Inc.

Mushroom Wisdom is a global leader and your source for superior quality mushroom supplements. By combining thousands of years of traditional use with the latest in research and science, Mushroom Wisdom is able to provide you and your customers with the most effective mushroom supplements. The company's products include eight individual potent mushroom extracts along with the industry-leading and unique proprietary extracts Maitake D-Fraction and SX-Fraction (both from Maitake mushroom), and Amyloban 3399 from Lion's Mane mushroom. Mushroom Wisdom created and supports all of these proprietary extracts with laboratory and clinical research, which has led to significant discoveries for use as supplements to support immune health, blood sugar and insulin health and brain health.
Tel. (800)747-7418, (973)470-0010,,

Natural Vitality

Natural Vitality’s mission is to provide people in a rapidly changing world with nutritional basics that assist with energy management and establish a simple framework for practical foundational nutrition. Beyond products, the firm recognizes that bodily health is part of a larger system that includes human and environmental interaction. To that end, Natural Vitality is in its eighth year of publishing its free award-winning magazine Organic Connections, which profiles people making significant contributions to improving our world. It is also in its eighth year of funding its Natural Revitalization program and working with Remineralize the Earth and the Bionutrient Food Association to improve the nutrient quality of our food.
Tel. (800)446-7462,,,,

Nature’s Plus

Since 1972, Nature’s Plus® represents Quality, Value and Results! As a new product innovator, Nature’s Plus introduced the industry’s most cutting-edge products, most notably SPIRUTEIN®, Source of Life®, Animal Parade® and most recently, scientifically advanced, award-winning and category-dominating Source of Life GOLD®, Hormonal Support Formulas, Nature’s Plus Organic Cleanses and the category-redefining AgeLoss® Anti-Aging/Rejuvenation line. As a family-owned, full-line supplement manufacturer still selling to and supporting the natural product retailer, it is the commitment to quality and investment in creating a completely vertical and linear integrated company that allows Nature’s Plus to make products that deliver exceptional results and loyal, satisfied customers.
Tel. (800)645-9500 (East), (800)525-0200 (West),,


NeoCell pioneered Hydrolyzed Collagen supplementation and produces the highest-quality collagen and collagen-related products on the market today. The firm guarantees every active ingredient dosage is measured to provide functional bioactive support, earning it the phrase “Nutrients You Can Trust.” NeoCell’s collagen lineup includes old favorites—Super Collagen +C Tablets, Super Collagen Powder and Collagen +C Pomegranate Liquid—as well as innovative and exciting new delivery systems, like its Beauty Bursts. These collagen chews have taken the market by storm, earning several awards and winning over customers. Soon, NeoCell will be introducing Beauty Infusion, a new beauty drink mix that delivers a potent blend of beauty-enhancing nutrients, simply and deliciously.
Tel. (800)346-2922,,

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources is a biotechnology company that is primarily engaged in the development and commercialization of omega-3 phospholipid products in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets through its subsidiaries Acasti Pharma and NeuroBioPharm. The company is continuously expanding its portfolio of intellectual property, regulatory approvals and clinical studies. Neptune pioneered the krill oil market with Neptune Krill Oil™ (NKO®), The Original Krill Oil, clinically proven for heart, joint, cognitive and woman’s health. NKO® is the highest quality standard on the market due to its patented extraction process. Neptune is certified by Friend of the Sea for its sustainable krill harvest.
Tel. (450)687-2262,,

New England Natural Bakers

New England Natural Bakers, which became 100% employee-owned in December 2012, continues an ongoing strategy to increase brand presence, bolstered by the brand’s non-GMO verification established in June 2013. Since 2009, the company has launched several new products, including the extension of its New England Naturals Pouch Granola line, Clusters—a Granola snack, and the new Organic Selects. While there have been many changes, several things have remained constant in the past five years: the company’s commitment to its community, its environment and making great products that contain the highest quality ingredients.
Tel. (800)910-2884,,

North American Herb & Spice

North American Herb & Spice brings the ultimate source of whole food supplements to individuals seeking optimal health and wellness.The firm is dedicated and passionate to supplying the best food nature has to offer while using ecological, fair trade and sustainable methods. The company sources wild-crafted and organic herbs, spices and fruits since research has proven all wild-crafted and organic plants are superior nutritionally to farm-raised, conventional foods. The botanicals being wild and organic makes all the difference too, since these growing conditions make for a plant with more vitality, energy, strength and powerful nutrients.
Tel. (800)243-5242,,

NOW Foods

In 2013, NOW launched Living Now, a certified gluten-free, allergy-friendly and non-GMO line of foods, and opened a second U.S. manufacturing facility in Sparks, NV. In the last five years, NOW’s in-house testing facilities have become among the most technologically advanced in the industry. NOW has created more than 400 new jobs in the last few years, a testament to growth created by its loyal customers. With 45 years in the natural products industry, NOW Foods remains committed to its original mission: to provide value in products and services that empower people to lead healthier lives.
Tel. (888)669-3663,,

Nutrex Hawaii

Nutrex Hawaii, makers of BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin and Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica, believes in “Improving Quality of Life with Aloha” and has put this vision first in everything that it does. The support of its vision has been reinforced by great successes and growth for Nutrex Hawaii: employee count has increased 62%, several key directors were recruited to give guidance and direction, and new and exciting products are set to be released early next year. Also very notable, Gerry Cysewski, who founded the company, celebrated 30 years this year. Nutrex Hawaii looks forward to many more years of cultivating the highest quality microalgae in the world.
Tel. (800)453-1187,,

NutriScience Innovations, LLC.

NutriScience Innovations, LLC. is a leading supplier of fine-quality nutritional and functional food ingredients. NutriScience continues to research new and innovative products based on scientific and clinical documentation. The focus is to provide innovative solutions for its customers in the nutritional, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. NutriScience Innovations, LLC. is GMP certified and strives to provide the highest quality ingredients and raw materials to a diverse range of companies in U.S.A. and throughout the world. The company prides itself on providing unparalleled customer service and continually endeavors to exceed its customers’ expectations in quality, safety and service by staying at the forefront of science and innovation.
Tel. (203)372-8877,,

PLT Health Solutions, Inc.

PLT Health Solutions is today a discoverer, developer and marketer of high-quality, scientifically supported ingredient solutions for the natural products and food and beverage markets. Through global strategic partnerships and more than 60 years of experience, the company brings innovative and impactful solutions that help its customers in the natural products and food industries develop new concepts, new products and grow successful brands. PLT Health Solutions prides itself on its commitment to creativity, integrity and helping its people, customers and partners succeed. Over the past five years, PLT Health Solutions has brought some of the industry’s most innovative and successful branded ingredients into the market—supporting the development of market-leading consumer products.
Tel. (973)984-0900,,

Prince of Peace Enterprises, Inc.

Prince of Peace Enterprises, Inc. was established in 1983 with the mission of bringing “Excellence from around the World.” In terms of the natural products industry, Prince of Peace is known for Tiger Balm pain-relieving products, ginseng extracts and formulas, and Han’s Honey Loquat. In the recent five years, the fastest growing categories have been its 100% Organic Tea line and Ginger Honey Crystals (instant ginger tea). Prince of Peace also believes in giving back, and its primary focus is orphan care with its Prince of Peace Children’s Home (POPCH) in Tianjin, China, which is home to over 110 special needs children. Prince of Peace has also recently gone solar for its U.S. operations, and this generates about +80% of its energy needs.
Tel. (800)PEACE2U,,

Pro Blend Nutrition

Pro Blend Nutrition, owner of Pro Blend 55, is determined to create a world-class blended protein to be enjoyed by everyone as well as supporting communities locally and throughout the country. Pro Blend 55 began over 15 years ago in a quest to create the highest quality, best-tasting protein supplement on the market that is ideal for any situation, breakfast shake, post-workout shake and pre-bedtime shake. Pro Blend 55 is gluten free, aspartame free, low in carbohydrates and tastes amazing.
Tel. (480)285-1721,,

Purity Foods Inc.

Purity Foods had a couple of big developments in 2012. The company moved its corporate offices to its major production area and it changed the brand name on its pastas and snacks to Nature’s Legacy for Life. Purity Foods believes that this sends a clear and consistent message as to what spelt is all about and that it is an 8,500-year-old completely natural grain unlike the 40,000 varieties of modern day hybrid, high-yielding wheat that have proliferated between 1948 and the year 2000.
Tel. (517)448 2050,,

RidgeCrest Herbals

RidgeCrest Herbals makes natural remedies for individual health needs, including the top-selling ClearLungs, SinusClear, Anxiety Free and Hair ReVive. The company’s eclectic approach combines natural methods and ingredients from around the world to deliver the most effective results. Recent new products include Thyroid Thrive, a unique, all-natural herbal and nutritional formula designed to fully support the critical relationship between the thyroid, hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal glands, so the thyroid can function properly for better overall health and wellness, as well as ClearLungs Chest Rub, a topical balm that can help alleviate some of the pain and frustration that accompanies conditions that restrict breathing.
Tel. (800)242-4649,,

RightWay Nutrition

RightWay Nutrition is a rising star in the nutrition industry, with products sold in health food stores nationwide. Launching a new line at Expo West in 2014, the line ranges from probiotics to specialty products to weight loss. The company is excited about its new sports line that is all-natural and an important addition to the industry. RightWay has a solution for every lifestyle and regimen.
Tel. (801)225-4050,,

Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.

Soft Gel Technologies, Inc. is committed to corporate conservation and strives toward zero-waste manufacturing. The 260-kilowatt co-generation machine the firm has incorporated into its manufacturing facilities generates electricity using natural gas. When power is generated, heat is produced and can be harnessed for other elements, such as heating water for our boiler. This upgrade supplies us with an uninterrupted source of power, independent of the California power grid. Soft Gel Technologies, Inc. produces its own energy, reduces air pollution by recycling waste heat, and saves other pollutant-spewing fossil fuels from being burned—including carbon dioxide emissions, other greenhouse gases and nitrogen oxides. The firm is an environmentally conscious supplier.
Tel. (323)726-0700 or (800)360-7484(SGTI),,

Solgar Vitamin and Herb

Since 1947, Solgar has been committed to the health, philosophy and ideology of the natural lifestyle community. Our ongoing mission is to create wellness-oriented innovations with the highest purity and nutritional freshness. The company continues to introduce award-winning formulations, including Comfort Zone Digestive Complex and ground-breaking once-daily Solgar® No. 7, which actually shows improvement in joint comfort within seven days.1* Other recent highlights include the launch of higher potencies of popular formulas, such as Folate 1000 mcg (as Metafolin®) and Biotin 10,000 mcg.
Tel. (201)944-2311,,

1. Based on two human studies with 5-LOXIN® Advanced where subjects rated their joint health over time, subjects’ joint health improved within 7 days and continued to improve throughout the duration of the studies.
5-LOXIN® is a registered trademark of P.L. Thomas-Laila Nutraceuticals LLC and is used under license. International patents pending.
Metafolin® is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.
*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Specialty Food Association

The Specialty Food Association is a thriving community of food artisans, importers and entrepreneurs who bring craft, care and joy to the distinctive foods they produce. Established in 1952, the not-for-profit trade association provides its 3,000+ members in the U.S. and abroad the tools, knowledge and connections to champion and nurture their companies in an always-evolving marketplace. The Specialty Food Association (formerly the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade) owns and produces the Winter and Summer Fancy Food Show, and presents the sofi Awards honoring excellence in specialty food.
Tel. (212)482-6440,

Suzanne’s Specialties

Since 1984 Suzanne’s Specialties is known for a line of retail products including tubs of Ricemellow and 10-oz. jars of Spreadable Fruit—Raspberry, Strawberry, Apricot and Blueberry. Our 16-oz. retail line of Rice Nectars is produced in the original form of Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Organic Genmai, Organic Maple, Chocolate, Raspberry, Strawberry and Blueberry. The firm’s favorites packed in 16-oz. retail jars include Just-Like-Honey, Organic Agave Syrup, Organic Wildflower Honey, Organic Blackstrap Molasses and Organic Barley Malt. Visit us at for more information and shop at its easy-to-use and convenient online store!
Tel. (800)762-2135,,

Tangut USA

From our Farm to you…Tangut USA delivers the purest natural supplements, with ingredients grown on its wholly-owned, 10,000-acre, certified organic farm in the pollution-free Tibetan Plateau. The ingredients in its products grow in high altitudes, extreme temperatures and intense sunlight, which lock in nutrients in order to survive, thus developing a natural resistance and higher potency. All products are GMO-free, gluten-free, soy-free, vegan, fair-trade and fully sustainable. Tangut USA’s farm is certified organic by USDA, the European Union (EU) and JAS (Japan). It utilizes a state-of-the-art, GMP-certified extraction facility that is situated two hours away from its farm, decreasing transportation time to ensure highest potency and freshness. Tangut USA’s manufacturing techniques include a supercritical CO2 extraction process that captures the full essence of the plants without using damaging heat and chemicals.
Tel. (888)9-TANGUT (826488),,


Tishcon Corp.

Tishcon is a global leader in the research, development and manufacturing of cutting-edge dietary supplements. Founded in 1977, Tishcon continues to lead the industry in creating bioavailability-enhanced nutrients and exceeds cGMP standards. Tishcon is NSF certified and is committed to providing customers with the highest level of service and attention.
Tel. (800)535-4623,,

Tomorrow’s Nutrition

Tomorrow’s Nutrition has built a reputation for providing a full range of natural supplements using only the finest quality ingredients available. The company is an industry leader in the research and manufacturing of high-quality nutritional supplements. Focusing on clinically researched ingredients, the company offers supplements and nutritional support for the entire family. Its award-winning products, derived from natural sources, enhance the body’s own ability to protect and manage health. Tomorrow's Nutrition is continuously developing new, safe and innovative ingredients derived from natural sources.
Tel. (877)498-3228,,

Wakunaga of America

The corporate philosophy of Wakunaga is a commitment to research and a mission to serve public health. This mission is accomplished by providing products of the highest quality. Wakunaga is a leader in the field of scientific research with now over 700 peer-reviewed published papers on Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract’s ability to lower cholesterol, slow plaque formation, reduce stress and enhance immune health. A new Australian study has found that Aged Garlic Extract significantly reduces blood pressure in adults with hypertension, offering hope to those who don’t respond well to prescription medications or would prefer a natural therapy.
Tel. (800)421-2998,,

World Organic Corp. /Licata Enterprises

World Organic Corp. is proud to celebrate its 55th year. The company introduced an exciting new format of its best-selling Liquid Chlorophyll (derived from alfalfa). It now offers a 15:1 Chlorophyll Concentrate using a dropper in 2- and 4-oz glass bottles.
Tel. (714)893-0017,

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, February 2014