Architecture of Desire

    How to give consumers a nudge so your brand is the one they select on their own.

    To be successful today, you must be the architect of desire. It’s not enough to be the engineer of desire. You need to be the tech who is figuring out how to make something delicious that’s nutritious or vice versa, or the fabric that is sustainable but keeps you hot or cold and stays dry when it gets wet and continuously moisturizes your skin so it keeps you looking younger. Even making the packaging stand out while incorporating sustainable strategies is not enough.

    You have to be the neuroscientist, artist, and tireless opportunity scout who understands what consumers think they want and be what they desire.

    You have to be James Bond and your brand’s architect of desire.

    Yes, your product has to be great, but so are your competitors’. Make your product great so you have the right foundation. If it’s not good, it won’t stand the test of time. People want what other people tell them to buy, so you need to have a great product so the right people will talk. Then you have to get the right people talking.

    Then you play influencer tinder. What do you want them to say and who are the right people to say it, and how can your brand help them? Then think of the possibilities. You have to create opportunities they can’t rationally say no to. It’s called an irresistible choice structure that makes yes the only logical answer.

    You have to make people look, stop, consider, and care in order to make them realize they need what you have.

    5 tips for figuring out who your target audience listens to—and how to get them to listen to you:

    Get your blueprint in place. If you know where you are going, you will get there faster. Layout your strategy at the start. What makes you different, relevant, and timely to your audience and the media they trust?

    Perfect your façade. Put your best face forward by making sure your story is displayed on all platforms consistently and convincingly.

    Landscape your story. Get your brand in the right places, such as media outlets that your consumers trust and turn to for information and entertainment.

    Make it sustainable. We want to do more for the environment, but we want it to be easy to do. People vote with their dollars and if you can show that you help them help the world, they will be more inclined to buy.

    Meet your health quota. People want products that make them look better, feel better, do better, and live their best life. Figure out how you factor into that.

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